My Chic Week: September 15-21

Friday, September 22, 2017

Who else is so excited that it's Friday? Even though I only had one test this week, it still was just a crazy and hectic week with everything. It was definitely "one of those weeks" if you know what I mean haha! Thankfully, it's the weekend and I have an exciting few weeks coming up with big/little reveal next week and my first Theta semi-formal!

I had a test in one of my classes Friday morning but thankfully that was the hardest part of my day. I grabbed lunch with a few girls in my math class and then had my education class.

One of my sweet hall mates and I hung out Friday afternoon as usual and wound up ordering Tigers to Go (pretty much Uber Eats for Clemson) for dinner. We didn't read all of the menu though and our sandwiches came with a lot more stuff on them than expected so we wound up going to the dining hall for dinner instead and then watching a movie.

Clemson had an away game last weekend so I went out to brunch with Ashley of A Little Ashley, who is actually one of my sorority sisters! It was so fun to have brunch as we briefly met on Bid Day but we were able to talk all about recruitment as she was a Pi Chi (recruitment counselor) this year and then about blogging of course!

After brunch, I worked on homework for a bit before a few of my hall mates and I had dinner at Moe's. We wound up watching the game in my hallmates's room, which was so much fun!

Sunday morning, I slept in before going to Church and then a meeting for Theta. Our meetings take up most of Saturday afternoon as we have our new member meeting and then chapter so after I had dinner with one of the girls in my pledge class. I always like to call home on Sunday afternoons so I did that before finishing up some homework and getting to bed early.

Monday morning was fairly routine with classes and spending time in the library and then I did my laundry and worked on some homework in the afternoon. My sorority has a Bible Study at one of the coffee shops in Clemson so that was fun and a great way to get to know other people in my sorority.

My dress for semi-formal came on Monday and to say I'm obsessed is an understatement

Tuesday was a fairly normal day too but my sociology class ended early since we had a test Thursday, which was unexpected but nice. I actually wound up catching up with Riley over the phone, which is always a great way to make your day!

Wednesday was my craziest day this week as I had my usual classes and then my lab for my Biology class started. I also was studying every chance I could in between haha!

What we did for part of my lab: #JustElementaryEdThings

Thankfully, we had our first Theta mixer that night so it was a great way to have fun after a crazy day! Our theme was Dream Jobs or "What you would be without your degree" so I was a baker after finding a hat and apron at the Dollar Store haha!

I had a test on Thursday so most of my day was spent studying for that in between classes. I had my first class at 11 and one of the girls in my class invited me out to lunch, which was a great little study break. I then spent some more time in the library and then took my test, which hopefully went well.

I had a meeting for one of the organizations I'm looking to get involved and then a PAL date for Theta before getting some homework done.

On my Radar:

1.  FAMILY WEEKEND! My family comes into town this afternoon and I am so excited! I haven't seen them since move-in over a month ago so I'm excited for them to visit so I can show them more of Tiger Town and for their first Clemson football game in Death Valley!

2. Vineyard Vines just redesigned their Shep Shirts so I think I may need to test one out!

3. Obsessed with how Cara styled this outfit

4. I found this article about 50 Royal Baby Traditions so interesting

5. Loved reading about Dorothy's Sunday Routine

Happy Friday!


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