My Chic Week: September 22 - October 5

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Happy happy Friday! So it's been a while since my last "My Chic Week" post so I decided that I would catch y'all up on the past two weeks in one MCW post to get back onto track in terms of posting. I will be sharing a separate blog post about Big/Little reveal and then our semi-formal as I have so many pictures from both of those!

Two weekends ago was family weekend and I was so excited to have my family in Clemson with me. My dad was originally not going to be able to make it as he had a family wedding to go to on Saturday but he surprised me and picked me up at my dorm on Friday afternoon.

Clemson is about 45 minutes from Greenville, South Carolina where my family's hotel was so we went to dinner at Nose Dive in downtown Greenville, which was amazing! I had the Chicken & Waffles and then we walked to get ice cream before heading back to the hotel.

We drove back to Clemson Saturday morning as it was game day! I showed my family around campus, stopped by my sorority hall, and then saw some family friends who were in town for the game. It was my family's first Clemson football game so it was so much fun to share that experience with them and teach them all of the cheers.

We would up leaving after half-time as it was roasting outside and hung out in my dorm room for a bit to cool down before going to my sorority's Parent Cocktail. It was fun to introduce my family to some of my sisters and afterwards, we drove back to Greenville.

After a quick breakfast at Starbucks, I said goodbye to my family and then headed back to campus. I had some homework to work on and then I had a meeting and then chapter for Theta.

Two Monday's ago was fairly normal, nothing too crazy! Tuesday morning was a busy one as it was my first day in the field placement. Even though I'm a freshman, we do one hour of field work every week and so far mine has been super great!

After field work, I had a biology test and then met up with Ashley and Elizabeth at a local coffee shop, which was too much fun. After following each other on social media for so long, it was fun to hang out in person and coffee doesn't hurt either!

Last Friday was Big/Little reveal so last week was picking up gifts and clues from our bigs. The first day of gifts was candy and then the second day was canvases. The third day was t-shirts (which I forgot to take a picture of) and then after reveal, my big gave me a big basket of Theta goodies!

Wednesday and Thursday were both pretty busy with writing a paper for one of my classes and then the first day of semi-formal for my sorority.

Last Friday was a super exciting as it was Big/Little reveal followed by semi-formal! I'm planning to share a post all about these next week but couldn't help but share a few pictures now!

Last Saturday was an away football game so I slept in super late and then got breakfast with my roomie at the dining hall by stopping by my sorority hall to see my big!

I didn't do anything too exciting on Saturday- just worked out some homework! My roommate and I got dinner at Moe's and then got ice cream at Spill the Beans before watching the game in one of our neighbor's room, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday morning, my roomie and I went to Church and then I had a sorority meeting in the afternoon. Our chapter got canceled at the last minute as we weren't able to get into the building so I unexpectedly had more free time in the afternoon, which was used to study for my math test the next day! Two of my friends in the class and I camped out in the library Sunday night to study for the test

Monday was a busy day getting back into the swing of things and I also had a test in Math, which is always fun!

Tuesday, I was up bright and early for student teaching, which is fun and always makes the early wake up call worth it. The girl I carpool with and I grabbed Starbucks before our next class and ran into another friend, which was fun!

I grabbed lunch with one of the girls on my hall and then had my other class of the day. After class, I went to an event for Theta and then went to the gym.

Wednesdays are a pretty busy day of class as I have my usual Monday/Wednesday/Fridays plus a 3 hour lab. I'm planning on sharing a "A Day in my Life" post soon so be on the lookout for that!

After my lab on Wednesday, I wound up going to a coffee shop in downtown Clemson, which was a great time to be productive and get off campus for a little bit (even though it's like a 5 minute walk away).

It's homecoming week here in Clemson so I pomped for our float Wednesday afternoon. One of the girls in my sorority ordered pizza and it was fun to catch up with some of my sorority sisters. Plus, I met Dabo, our head football coach, and the president of the University stopped by our tent!

Thursday morning, I was able to be really productive before class started, which I absolutely loved!

After class, Elizabeth helped me take a few pictures for a collaboration I'm doing with a brand, which was so sweet of her. The rest of my afternoon was fairly normal and I grabbed Starbucks before my 3:30 class.

After class, I went to the gym with my roomie, which was much needed!

On my Radar:

1. Homecoming! Today is our homecoming game and after the floats being up all week, I am so excited!

2. Mackenzie shared the app been on her blog this week and I think it's so cool. Basically, you can enter all the countries or states of the U.S. that you have traveled to and it calculates the percentage of the world/country that you have seen. I haven't done any global travel yet but it definitely gives you a bit of wanderlust.

3. Frannie's Sweet Potato Pancakes recipe sounds amazing

4. Have you seen that Lilly has re-released the men's line so your whole family can match? Too cute!

5. I love Carly's apple picking pictures

Happy Friday!

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