My Chic Week: October 6-12

Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! I am so excited that it's Friday (more than normal haha) because that means it's Fall Break. I'll be sharing more on what I'll be up to in my "On my Radar" but for now let's talk about the past week!

Fridays are always busy days for me as I have three classes. I wound up getting lunch with one of my friends and her roommate after our math class and then I had my academic advising meeting in the afternoon. It's crazy to think about next semester already- I feel like school just started!

After class on Friday, my roommate and I shot outfit pictures (including the ones for Monday's post) and then went out for pizza with a few friends. After going out to dinner, we hung out and watched the Great Gatsby.

Homecoming floats are a big tradition at Clemson as each sorority and fraternity makes one! Ours was finished Friday so as we were walking to dinner, we stopped by to take pictures!

Saturday was Gameday and since it was a noon game, it was an early start. My roomie and I grabbed breakfast at Starbucks before heading to a friend's tailgate and going to the game. Thankfully, Clemson pulled out the win and it was a lot of fun!

Sunday morning, I went to Church with one of my sorority sisters and we wound up going to Public afterwards. I had a meeting for Theta in the afternoon and then I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with friends and doing homework as well as some work for the blog.

Mondays are nice as I finish class for 12:05 so I usually can get a lot done in the afternoon (like laundry and cleaning lol). Monday night was sorority initiation for Theta so I'm officially a Theta!

My student teaching placement is on Tuesdays so those are early mornings but absolutely worth it as I love spending time in the classroom. I had my bio class afterwards and then grabbed Chick-fil-a for lunch before doing a bit of last minute studying for a test.

After my test, I met up with my friend Ashley to quickly take a picture for Letter Shirt Tuesday. At Clemson, all of the sororities participate in Letter Shirt Tuesday where they encourage all the members to take cute pictures in letters and since I was initiated the night before, I could officially wear my letters!

I then met up with my big to go out to dinner and take more Letter Shirt Tuesday pictures haha! After dinner, I then studied for a test I had the next time- fun times!

I had my religion test Wednesday morning so I was so relieved once that was over! I went to the mailroom and then got some school work done before going to my math class. I had lunch with a bunch of friends, which was a great way to break up the day and make dining hall food better haha!

I had my lab in the afternoon, had small group for church, picked up a t-shirt on the sorority hall, and then had a quiet night and went to bed early!

I don't have a ton to report for yesterday: I went to class, packed up for this weekend, and then got ahead on homework so I don't have to do any over the break!

On my Radar this Week:

1. Fall Break! Fall Break starts today and I am so excited as I'm going to visit my bestie Riley at USC tonight and then heading home tomorrow! Riley and I are going to her sorority's function and then I'm excited to have some time at home with my family, especially since my brother turns 16 on Sunday

2. After my tests earlier this week, I've had a lot more free time so I've been catching up on Grey's and finally made it to season 4!

3. I always love the Everygirl for "get your life together" articles and this one about habits that are making you unproductive is no exception.

5. Love this recap of Caroline's fall break

Happy Friday!

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