Why It's Important to Rest

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Before Fall Break, I had all these grand plans of how much of I would be able to get done. Oh yes, I can get a ton of blog content scheduled, take new outfit pictures, catch up on commenting and social media, and not to mention spend time with my family and visit friends on my way back from Clemson.

Can you guess what I did and what I didn't do over Fall Break?

Well, I choose the later and spent my four days of my break enjoying being at home with my family (and puppies!) and seeing friends rather than cramming everything into my short trip home. It was relaxing and was exactly what I needed after the first part of the semester.

If you asked my friends (especially in high school) if I was good at relaxing, they would probably laugh and tell you no. I am Type-A to a fault and if there's still work to be done, I have difficulty putting it aside and relaxing, whether that means watching an episode of Grey's on Netflix or catching up with a friend. I always tell myself that I can watch that episode once everything is done but let's be real, it can be late once you finish everything and all you want to do is go to bed.

I was honestly awful about taking time to rest and refresh in high school and while I have gotten better at it in college, I still have room for improvement.

Taking time away from the hecticness of day-to-day life can help you improve in what you're trying to do. Spending a few days at home away from school work helped me realize some fun content I want to bring to the blog. Not necessarily to say you have to go home for a weekend to rest and refresh but sometimes a night to focus entirely on you may bring some new inspiration.

Thanks for reading!

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