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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Happy Sunday y'all! I decided that for February, I want to share a post everyday this month. I usually have a new post on the blog each week day but in February, there will be posts on Saturday and Sunday too!

I decided to share a more personal/inspirational post with y'all today: talking about balance!

One of the weirdest things about college is that you're living at school so sometimes there's pressure to constantly be working on something. I am an extrovert so I love being around people so I love that I'm so close to my friends all the time and there's always something going on.

In high school, I was awful about balance: I would go to school, then work on homework, then nanny, and then go work on some homework. My hard work paid off as it helped me get to where I am today but honestly, it made me a little too stressed out on a daily basis!

I have gotten better at that at college as I feel like it's easier to manage my day. I get my work done earlier in the day (most days haha!) so I can catch up on The Bachelor or watch Grey's before bed. Lunches with friends or catching up with a hall mate about our days helps so much in terms of not feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork.

Even though college is extremely busy, I feel like I've learned how to balance my life so much more as I can take the time to study and be a good student but also spontaneously hang out with friends or do whatever. Balance is so important because if you lean too much to either side it cause chaos: if you study too much and only focus on school, you'll feel overwhelmed while if you avoid schoolwork for another episode of whatever you and your friends are currently binge-watching, you'll fall behind in class.

So as we head into another week, balance your time. Balance the have-to's with whatever makes you happy!

Happy Sunday!

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