My Chic Week: February 9-15

Friday, February 16, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! I feel like this week has dragged on forever partly because of how many assignments I had due at the start of the week (I seriously had four different group projects to work on!). Thankfully, we made it to the weekend and I'm hoping to get some organizing done and also hang out with friends!

I only have two classes on Fridays, which is nice as I'm able to sleep in and finish fairly early as well! After class on Friday, I had a group meeting for a group project so that we could get on the same page for our ideas for the project.

I had dinner downtown with two of my friends and then we wound up watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics in the Theta chapter room.

Last Saturday, my big and I decided to go to brunch at Tandem, which was such a good idea as it was delicious as always. We did have to wait a bit in line but the delicious crepes and lattes were definitely worth it!

After brunch, we ran some errands, including going to Whole Foods and Target. At home, we have both of these a few minutes away so it's definitely different at Clemson with everything being farther away. I oddly love running errands so it was a fun way to get off campus for a little bit!

It was pretty dreary all day so I wound up just relaxing Saturday afternoon and then going to bed somewhat early!

I didn't have any plans for Sunday morning/afternoon so I slept in before getting a good chunk of my to-do list accomplished!

My sorority had badge attire chapter last weekend so I took it as an excuse to wear one of my favorite outfits from when I had to dress up in high school. It was a little springy for February but I loved it haha! After chapter, I had a cabinet meeting to go to as well for my officer position.

After that ended, I headed over to Starbucks to meet my group for a Spanish video project that was due earlier this week. Thankfully, we worked super well together and were super productive on Sunday.

Monday was a busy start to the week as I had my first two classes of the day and then met my Spanish group to film our video. We then had Spanish class and then met to finish up the video.

My sorority has Bible study on Monday nights so I ordered a delicious cinnamon roll and an iced latte, of course!

Tuesday started off on the early side as I had my 8 AM class followed by my lab. After lab, I am always starving so a friend and I wound up getting lunch after. We wound up doing a bit of studying together and then stopped at the ice cream shop in our student center to get ice cream to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

I volunteered Tuesday night to get some service hours for my sorority and my big and I grabbed Chick-fil-a for dinner on our way to go volunteer, which was so yummy! Once I got back onto campus, I met up with my group for my group speech to go over our speech.

Wednesday was a fairly normal day with class and everything! We were supposed to do our group speech Wednesday night but our professor gave us another week so we were let out of class early, which was useful as I was able to use that time to study for my physical science exam.

Thursday morning, I had my first physical science exam and then did my laundry before meeting friends to work on some homework. I then grabbed myself some lunch and did some more homework. I went to the gym and then spent the rest of the afternoon working on homework and the blog!

Happy Friday!


  1. Looks like you had a busy, but productive week!! Love the recap!

    Kayla |


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