My Chic Week: January 26- February 1

Friday, February 2, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! I hope y'all had a wonderful week and a fun weekend ahead! I have some super fun plans as Riley and I are spending the weekend in Charleston to have a belated birthday celebration for her! I'll be sharing more in next week's My Chic Week post but for now, let's catch up on the past week!

I had my two classes on Friday and then worked on a few things before going to office hours to ask a question about a homework assignment. I met up with a bunch of my friends for dinner and then we spent hours catching up at an ice cream shop in downtown Clemson.

Saturday was Theta's founder's day so my chapter had a brunch with our entire chapter and then alumni! It was so much fun and the food was amazing too (any event with mac and cheese is good to me!).

After the brunch, my friends and I wound up going to Publix to stock up on some essentials and then to TCBY afterwards for some frozen yogurt. The rest of my day was pretty laid back as I worked on some homework and managed to get to bed (relatively) early.

Sunday morning, I slept in pretty laid, which was so nice, before being fairly productive. I got a head start on my homework for the week and also got a few blog posts scheduled for y'all.

My sorority always has our weekly chapter meetings on Sunday afternoons so I braved the rain and walked over to that. After chapter, I grabbed dinner with two sisters and then did some more homework!

Monday morning, I had class and then went to lunch before my next class of the day. A few friends and I worked on a homework assignment for class and then I met with another one of my friends to grab dinner and then to go to an extra credit event for Spanish. Then, Monday night I had a meeting.

I had my physical science class and then that lab Tuesday morning and then I was done before lunchtime. I grabbed lunch with a friend and then worked on some homework in the afternoon. I had a speaker to go to for Panhellenic and then went to the library to study for a math test!

Wednesday's are my busy day this semester as I have four classes, which makes things a little crazy! I slept in and then had my first two classes of the day. I had my first math test of the semester and then had a hour before my Spanish class.

On Wednesday nights, I have my Public Speaking class so I spent the afternoon practicing my speech before delivering it during class. I think it went fairly well and then I caught up on the Bachelor afterwards!

Thursday started on the early side with an 8 AM class and then I brought my car into the dealership to be looked at. I grabbed Chick-fil-a on my way back to campus and then caught up on a few things including laundry and homework!

I decided that I want to get a blog post every day during the month of February to share with y'all so check back in tomorrow morning (with a latte) as I'll be sharing my weekend reading!

Happy Friday!

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