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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

When I asked y'all a while back on what posts you want to see here on Chic in Carolina, one of the requests was a post about time management! I love hearing what y'all want to see on the blog so feel free to reach out to me on social media (here is my Instagram + my Twitter) or email me at

Time management is something that is very important to "getting it all done". Back in high school when I had a lot less free time during the day, it was crucial as I would go to a barre class before school somedays, go to school, go home for a bit and work on homework/the blog, nanny, and then work some more on homework. I had to develop good time management skills otherwise I would of never gotten anything done.

Now that I am in college, I have a bit more free time to get everything done, which is both a blessing and a curse as I can just as easily use that time to watch Netflix or do nothing haha! These tips have definitely helped me establish good time management skills and hopefully they'll help y'all out as well!

Get an Early Start
The best way to manage your time is to plan ahead so you don't get overwhelmed and have eight hundred and thirty two things to do in a single week. Getting assignments done as soon as possible helps so much as you won't be rushing to turn it in the day before it is due. I usually try to do any online homework for my classes over the weekend so I don't have to worry about them during the week.

Going off of this one, I also try to get an early start on my to-do list for the day as early in the day as possible. I'm usually more motivated to get things done then and I love being done with homework at an early-ish time each day rather than staying up to the wee hours of the morning getting it all done.

Find the Place Where You're the Most Productive
My room is not the most productive place at all. My hall tends to be pretty loud and busy, which I love as there is always something going on but it doesn't make it the best place to get stuff done! I work a lot better in the library, Starbucks, or the student center so I usually try to head to one of those places after class instead of heading back to my dorm!

Work at your most productive time
Planning to get things done at the time where you're most productive helps so much as you'll be ready to get stuff done during that time. I am not a big fan of staying up super late to study and work on homework so I keep that in mind in the early afternoon when deciding to work on homework rather than watching Netflix!

Turn off your Phone
My phone can be such a distraction when I'm trying to get stuff done so turning it off and putting it away helps me avoid the temptation of checking Instagram or Snapchat instead of working. Having it out of arm's reach is really helpful as it is not as easy to quickly grab.

Make a to-do list
To-do lists are honestly such a life saver. Whenever I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed about all I need to do, I usually start by making a to-do list as it helps me think of everything that needs to be done and also to prioritize my tasks. Prioritizing what's important on your to-do list helps as you'll start with whatever is the most urgent and then work on the less urgent tasks. An example is first finishing studying for the test tomorrow rather than starting with working on the essay due next week.

Work in time intervals
Just because you have a few minutes here and there doesn't mean that you don't have enough time to get something done. Last semester, I had a 45 minute break between two of my classes so I would always go to the library and get some of my work done. Breaking up the time when you're working helps as you're getting your assignments and tasks done but not sitting in the library for four hours straight, which can be pretty draining.

Start with the hardest task
I know if I don't want to work on a particular assignment, I'll usually procrastinate doing it as long as possible. This backfires as you usually can finish the assignment in the time that you took procrastinating. If you start with that dreaded hardest task, you'll feel a lot more motivated once you finish it and everything is easier by comparison.

Remove distractions
Nothing kills time management like a good distraction. We've talked about turning off your phone but removing other distractions is so important to using your time to its fullest. I know that I am usually more productive studying my myself as I won't be inclined to start talking to friends instead of studying so knowing yourself and your studying habits is so important.

Don't spend too much time on one task
To make the best use of your time, don't spend too much time on just one task. I always think of the essay portions of exams as it's not beneficial to spend 45 minutes on the first essay and making it be really good while only using the remaining 15 minutes on the second essay. Not every task on your to-do list will take the same amount of time but if it feels like you're spending a million years on one task, move on to another task and then come back to it!

Take breaks
I believe that good time management includes both working hard on your work and taking breaks to enjoy your time with friends. Spending all of your waking hours doing homework is not good time management as if you managed your time better, you should be able to take a break. Breaks aren't a bad thing at all as they help you refresh and relax so when you return to your work, you'll be more productive.

What are some of your favorite time management tips? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love this post! I definitely struggle with management in college. Thanks for these tips!



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