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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

When I asked y'all a while ago on my Instagram Stories what you wanted to see here on Chic in Carolina, a lot of y'all said that you wanted to see more college related content. I would say that my "My Chic Week" posts each week give y'all a pretty good glimpse into my day-to-day life here at Clemson but I have some fun new ideas that I will be bringing to the blog soon.

Obviously, a big part of college is studying and school work so I wanted to share with y'all how I study!

Pay attention in Class
I feel like if you don't pay attention in class, it makes it such an uphill battle to catch up for the test. Some classes it can be really hard to stay focused (hello 8 AM's) but it really pays off in the long run as you catch anything the professor says that may not be in the PowerPoint that is online.

Handwrite your notes in class, then type your notes after class
I've found that I learn the most from handwriting my notes in class rather than typing them. After class, I'll take my notes that I wrote and then type them into a Word document. This is a great way to review and keep on looking at the material, which makes things so much more easier when it's time to start studying for the test.

Use the Study Guide (if you have one)
I think professors who provide study guides are the biggest blessing and if the class has study guides, definitely use them. Study guides tend to be fairly representative of the information that will be on the test so after typing up my notes, I like to use my notes to fill out the study guide.

Make a Quizlet out of the Study Guide (or your notes)
Once I finish the study guide or typing up my notes, I then take that information and make a Quizlet. This helps me continue to look at the information I will be tested on and I love Quizlet as it's so convenient.

Review the Quizlet
Typing up my notes and making a quizlet of the material typically takes me a while so this is usually my last step of studying. I find it really helpful to continue to go through the material, especially if it's something like vocab I need to know!

How do you study for tests? Let me know in the comments!

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