How to Get Your Life Together (Or Make it Seem Like It Is)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

You probably know that one girl. The one who always shows up impeccably dressed compared to everyone around you, seems to never forget her commitments, and has her life together. Even though you may not become "her" overnight, I decided to share some tips on how to get your life together or at least make it seem like it is. Because fake it till you make it, right?

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Be on Time
Even though it seems like such a small thing, arriving on time, whether it's for coffee with a sorority sister or for an important meeting, shows that you respect the person you are planning on meet with as well as their time as you are not wasting it by being late. I always aim to be a few minutes earlier than I need to so if you run behind schedule, you still have a bit of a buffer before you're actually late!

Don't Complain
It's definitely easy to complain, whether it's when someone asks you how your day was or to a friend about whatever is going on in your life. Trying not to complain (or at least minimize it) helps you have a more positive outlook and also seem more put together to everyone around you as you're not complaining about everything and anything.

Take time to tidy up each day
Even if you don't have a ton of time every day to tidy up and organize, a few minutes can really make a difference. I like to put everything away at the end of the day before going to bed as it helps the next day start off on a fresh note.

Find your go-to accessories
Even on the busiest of days when your outfit reflects that, having go-to accessories helps pull your look together. Pearl studs, my Kendra Scott pendant, and my watch are my go-tos and help even the most casual outfit look more "together".

Use an Agenda
I joke that my agenda holds my life together and it's pretty close to the truth (see how I organize my agenda here). I keep everything I need to know about my day in my agenda: my to-do list, meetings, hanging out with friends, due dates for assignments, sorority events, and tests and quizzes. This helps me keep track of everything that is going on and keeps it all in one place!

Paint your Nails
I don't know why but having my nails painted makes me feel instantly put together, even if I'm just wearing workout clothes. I try to be fairly decent about repainting my nails if they chip or just keeping a coat of clear nail polish on them (a trick I learned from my mom!).

Always send a thank you note
My mom raised me to be a firm believer in the power of a good thank you note and I can't tell y'all how appreciated they make the other person feel. Whether it's for a gift someone gave you or a favor, a thank you note will never go unappreciated. Extra points if you use personalized or monogrammed stationary!

Make your Bed
This sounds like such a small thing to do everyday but it truly does make a difference. Making your bed takes under five minutes to do and it makes your room instantly feel so much cleaner, even if you didn't do anything else!

Put Effort into your Appearance
In college, this is a tricky one as campus tends to be pretty casual during the week with most girls wearing some rendition of leggings or norts, sneakers, an oversized t-shirt with a pullover if it's colder outside. You can look put-together even if the most casual of outfits by putting a little extra effort into your hair or makeup. I also take every chance I get to "dress up" (funny how "dress up" sometimes means jeans now compared to leggings), even if I don't necessarily need to for a meeting or brunch with friends!

Be punctual about responding to emails
It sometimes seem like your inbox is overflowing with random emails: emails from a store you shopped at 5 years ago, notifications from school, and other random stuff. Whenever you get an email that you actually need to respond to, be sure to do so quickly. Not saying to monitor your email every second of the day so that you can respond as soon as you receive an email but a timely response is always appreciated as it makes the other person's life easier as they are not waiting forever for your response.

Remember the Little Things
Whether it's writing on a classmate's Facebook wall for their birthday or texting a friend good luck before a big test or interview, remembering the little things about your friends and family is such a great way to show you care. One thing I love is vemno'ing a friend a few dollars during a week you know is busy for them or their birthday to let them go get a coffee on you!

Are you that girl who has "it" together, if so share your secrets in the comments!


  1. I love these tips! I wish I was a morning and would make up my bed more frequently. I need to give it a shot! Also, wearing jeans to class instantly makes me feel more put together even with a t shirt haha!


  2. I'm the same way with my agenda. I lost mine once and I was frantic. It had my whole life on it! I also feel more put together when my nails are painted. My whole day is just better when I put effort in my appearance. I need to try to make my bed in the mornings though.


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