My Chic Week: March 2-8

Friday, March 9, 2018

Happy Friday! I'm so excited as today marks one week until spring break! Even though I don't have anything crazy planned, it will be nice to have a week off to relax, especially after a hectic couple of weeks of school.

I have some fun plans for this weekend but as always, I'll be sharing those next week so let's catch up on the past week!

I had my 8 AM class on Thursday and then went back to my dorm to work on some homework. A friend and I went to the dining hall for lunch and we then got our nails done later in the afternoon with my big and another girl in our sorority to prep for formal the next day. Afterwards, we went to Chick-fil-a, which was so much fun!

I only had one class on Friday as one of my classes canceled so I went to go get my mail before going to class. I then went to the student center to get my lab report done before prepping for formal. I went over to one of my friend's rooms to go get ready together and then we went to go take pictures. I shared about formal in Monday's blog post so be sure to check that out!

Saturday morning, I slept in and then got some work done. Two of our good family friends were in the Clemson for the day so I met them for a late lunch, which was so fun! I then hung out with my big on our sorority hall.

Sunday morning, I slept in super late before eating some breakfast and then working on homework. A açaí bowl/smoothie place just opened in downtown Clemson so some friends and I went downtown to test it out Sunday afternoon! I had a really delicious smoothie and it was so fun getting to catch up.

I then had a sorority chapter meeting and then grabbed dinner with friends afterwards. One of my friends and I then camped out in the student center for a bit to work on homework.

Monday morning, I had my usual two classes and then I had a presentation in my Spanish class in the afternoon. After that ended, I met up with some friends to work on some homework. My sorority has our Bible study on Monday nights so that was a welcome addition to a busy week. I grabbed dinner with a friend afterwards and then went to a meeting.

My Tuesdays always start off on the crazy side as I have an 8 AM followed by my lab. It definitely makes for a long morning but after that, I'm done with class for the day! I met with my academic advisor about classes for the fall (!!!) and then had an interview for something exciting that I can hopefully share with y'all soon! Then, I was pretty productive in getting my laundry done and room tidied up.

Even though I only had two classes on Wednesday with my Public Speaking class being done and not having to have to go to Spanish, it was still pretty hectic with other meetings and stuff to work on. After I finished class for the day, I met up with my group for a Spanish project in the library to wrap that up and then headed back to my room to grab a few things.

I'm on my sorority's t-shirt committee so that means that I get to help distribute all of the optional t-shirts my chapter orders through holding t-shirt hours. I held t-shirt hours on Wednesday, which wasn't anything too crazy and I managed to get some homework done during them and also hung out with my big as she lives on the hall.

After t-shirt hours, I grabbed dinner with some sorority sisters and then we went to a speaker than the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life was hosting.

Thursday morning, I had class and then worked on homework and some blog stuff. I had another Spanish group assignment to work on so I met up with a girl in my class to do that and then had a few different campus errands to complete. I have a math test today so one of my friends (who is also an Elementary Education major) and I grabbed Chick-fil-a and studied in the library before I met another friend to go to FCA.

Happy Friday!

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