How I Stay Healthy in College

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Healthy and college are two words that don't exactly fit together perfectly. I'll be the first to say that it is definitely hard to be healthy in college. There's that soft serve machine in the dining hall, the fast-food restaurant that is the only thing open on the weekend, and the temptation to skip the gym as it's such a far walk from your dorm.

Now that I'm nearly done with my first year of college (wondering how that one happened), I wanted to share with y'all some tips and tricks for staying healthy in college. These are simple things to add to your daily routine without being too drastic as what's the fun in only eating spinach and spending all of your free time running laps. I think balance is a key word in staying healthy so these tips definitely reflect that!

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Keep Healthy Snacks in your Dorm
I try to keep only healthy snacks in my dorm room as I know if the treats and unhealthy food is right there, it will be gone in two seconds. Keeping healthy snacks on hand helps me make smarter choices as it's harder to have access to the unhealthier food I may be wanting!

Practice Moderation
Even though the dining hall may have full table of desserts and ice cream waiting for you after every meal, doesn't mean that you have to have a plate of dessert every time. I try to limit myself to one treat a day so I'm not overindulging but also not restricting myself as college is supposed to be fun and what's life without a bowl of ice cream or two?

Find a Buddy
Whether it's going to the gym with a friend after a class you have together or eating healthier, everything is easier with a friend by your side. If I commit to doing something like going to the gym after class with a friend, I'm less likely to back out if I just went by myself plus it's more fun to go with a friend!

Choose Water over Other Drinks
I don't drink soda but I try to choose water over lemonade or sweet tea as much as I can. Keeping a Brita on hand in my fridge is so helpful as I have cold water whenever I want it. Water is so much better for you than other drinks so I try to keep my water bottle full and also choose water whenever I'm in the dining hall or out to eat (most restaurants will give you a free water cup so it's a win-win as it's healthier and you save money!)

Walk Everywhere
One thing about college is that you walk a lot. The parking lot where I keep my car is fairly far away, making walking to wherever I need to go easier than walking to my car and then driving there. Even though I do walk a lot more in college, I try to walk as much as I can, whether it's walking to the gym or taking the stairs instead of the elevator as all of those extra steps add up.

Get enough Sleep
I am definitely not fun to be around when I'm tired so I try to go to bed fairly early each night. This can be hard with homework that needs to be done or sorority events that end late but getting enough sleep is crucial for your health and also makes for a happier you the next day!

Find Workouts that you enjoy
Working out does not seem as much of a chore if it's something that you enjoy! I know that our campus gym offers different classes that are free and also trying out different workouts to see which one you enjoy the most can really make a difference. As y'all probably know by now, I love taking barre classes so I usually do an online barre workout as Pure Barre doesn't have a studio in Clemson (I literally dream that they'll open one haha!). The right workout helps you actually enjoy working out and if you like something, the more likely that you are going to do it!

Try not to stress too much
College can be pretty stressful at times but too much stress is definitely not a good thing. Finding ways to manage your stress, whether it's going to see a movie with friends or taking a long, hot shower at the end of a busy day, is so important to your mental health!

Any additional tips for staying healthy in college? Let me know in the comments!

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