How to Pack the Perfect Bag for Sorority Recruitment

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's crazy to think how quickly the summer has flown by! This time last year, I was getting everything ready to move into my freshman dorm at Clemson and also to go through sorority recruitment the first week of school. I shared my tips and tricks for recruitment a few weeks back but wanted to share another blog post about recruitment that will definitely make your life easier during recruitment week: what to pack in your bag!

Sorority recruitment is full of very busy days so you may not have enough time to head back to your dorm to freshen up before your next party. Keeping the essentials on you will make your recruitment experience and who doesn't want that?

At Clemson, we do not have sorority houses so we have sorority recruitment in our basketball arena (which sounds weird but it works out and is nice to be in the air conditioning) so during your parties you can leave your bag in the seats of the stadium. You are not allowed to bring your bag into the party, which sounds kind of weird but you can leave your bag with the rest of your Pi Chi group's stuff and it will be there after the party (the Pi Chi's or recruitment counselors will be walking around so no worries about it getting stolen!). For schools where the sororities recruit out of their houses, PNMs leave their bags in front of the house so leave any fancy designer bags at home!

The Bag- As I mentioned before, it doesn't matter how fancy or cute your bag is as you can't bring it into any parties with you but I think bigger bags like tote bags are useful as they can hold all of your stuff. I used my Longchamp tote last fall when I went through recruitment and it was perfect as it holds everything you could possibly need (I call it my Mary Poppins bag) and also zips up to keep all of your items secure!

Water Bottle- Let's be real, recruitment is in August and it is going to be hot to say the least. It's so important to take care of yourself during recruitment and drink a lot of water! I know at Clemson a few girls have passed out before so definitely stay hydrated and bring a water bottle!

Snacks (image via)- Again take care of yourself and eat! Recruitment is full of very long days so do yourself a favor and pack yourself some snacks as parties may be in the middle of your usual meal times or you'll find yourself hungry at random times as you have been up for so long!

Gum or Mints (image via)- You will be meeting a lot of new people during recruitment and the parties will be pretty loud (think over 200 girls trying to have conversation at the same time) so you will probably be standing somewhat close to the girl rushing you so bad breath isn't exactly a great first impression. Keeping gum or mints handy ensures that you won't have bad breath and honestly, the Pi Chis will probably be handing plenty out before parties!

Makeup Bag- I keep my makeup essentials in my bag so that I could freshen up in between parties! This helped me feel like I was putting my best foot forward whenever I walked into a party!

Deodorant- Let's be real, it's going to be hot outside and you'll be doing a lot of walking! Kind of self explanatory but you'll be glad you threw this into your bag!

Notebook + Pen- Panhellenic gave all the girls going through recruitment a notebook but if you don't get a notebook, I definitely advise bringing one with you to write down your thoughts. Writing down what you thought of the sorority and maybe the names of the girls you talked to helped me later on as all the parties start to blend together after a busy day of recruitment. This helps you out when it comes time to vote on your favorite chapters!

Portable Phone Charger- As I've mentioned before, recruitment has some very long days so you'll want to bring along a portable charger to make sure you have enough battery to make it through the day!

Headphones- If you have a break in between parties or just need a few minutes to refocus, headphones are definitely handy. You'll be surrounded by other girls during recruitment so it was nice to have the option to listen to music while waiting.

Hairbrush- As weird as it sounds, I found that quickly running a brush through my hair was a great way to freshen up in between parties. If you use hair spray, I would definitely bring that along with you too!

Tide Stain Remover Pen (image via)- Hopefully you won't be needing this item but it's definitely handy if you get a small stain on your clothes. Even if you don't need it, one of the girls in your Pi Chi group might!

Safety Pins/Fashion Tape (image via)- Similar to the stain remover pen, you hopefully won't need this but it's always better to be prepared, especially when you probably won't have time to run back to your room when you're having a fashion emergency!

A Pair of Flip Flops- At Clemson, the first two days of recruitment are pretty casual so most girls wear sandals of some sort but as a general guide, your outfits get dressier as the rounds progress so most girls wear wedges for round 3 then wedges and heels for round 4. I definitely recommend walking over to wherever you have recruitment/the houses in a pair of flip flops then changing into your heels/wedges before heading into the party. Your feet will thank you!

Any additional items you recommend for your bag for sorority recruitment? Let me know in the comments!

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