What Clothes to Pack for College

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A few weeks ago here on Chic in Carolina, I shared my complete college packing list, which is perfect for any of y'all heading off to college this fall. Since it's a complete other challenge, I decided to make what clothes to bring with you a post of its own so I wouldn't leave anything out and the post also would not be a million years long.

I'll be the first to admit that I love shopping so I definitely had a lot of clothes that I wanted to bring with me. However, it's pretty tricky to know what exactly you'll need without actually being a student at college as so much depends on your campus culture. At Clemson, we are pretty casual as most girls wear norts and an oversized tee when it's warm and then leggings and oversized tees with a sweatshirt/some sort of sweater over it in the winter. Not every campus is like ours obviously but I packed a lot of cute casual clothes thinking I would wear them to class!

I also overpacked because I would bring items for one specific occasion "I could wear this going on the lake" that may not happen or simply bring too much of one item. I had a field placement in a classroom last fall so I did wear more of my dresses but in the spring, I never wore all of the dresses I brought for chapter meetings or Church.

As I mentioned before, most days I do wear an oversized tee and shorts but I definitely recommend not bringing every t-shirt you own with you to college. If you join a sorority, you will find yourself with a giant collection of t-shirts (I seriously have over 50 shirts at this point) and those t-shirts from home will just take up space. Even if you don't go greek, you'll find yourself with a large collection of shirts as you get so many free ones during those first few weeks!

Any other tips for packing clothes? Let me know in the comments!

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