Sophomore Dorm Room Inspiration

Monday, July 23, 2018

How on Earth is it almost time for me to start my sophomore year of college? I am excited to get back to Tigertown and live super close to all of my friends! The past few weeks I have started to get everything ready to decorate my dorm room.

This year, I will be living on my sorority hall, which is super exciting! At Clemson, we don't have traditional sorority houses but each sorority has their own halls with kitchens, a chapter room (a living room and dining room), laundry, and a study room! I will be living with my friend Rachel (who y'all met in this post!) and we are so excited!

I will be reusing a lot of my stuff from last year's dorm room as let's be real, decorating a dorm can be pricy but have picked up some new pieces to refresh the look of my dorm so it's not a carbon copy of last year!

storage cubeheadboard (used in my dorm last year)
pillow (on sale!) ⎢pillow
art print (c/o) ⎢futon

Are you living in the dorms this year? If so, how are you planning to decorate? Let me know in the comments!

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