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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Happy Thursday y'all! I am so excited to be sharing this post with y'all today as it has definitely been on my radar for a while. A while back Dorothy shared a post on what it is like being friends with a blogger and I thought it was such a fun idea. So I decided to share my own version and ask my friends what it is like being friends with me, which is kind of a weird question to ask haha!

Some of my friends were so sweet and sent me their paragraphs- I think it's funny how often my love for my agenda is mentioned!


Olivia was one of my first friends at Clemson as we were in the same Pi Chi group for sorority recruitment. We literally met on the first day of college and I'm so glad we got to run home to Theta together on Bid Day!

Anyone who feels like their life is hopeless chaotic mess should make friends with a blogger because bloggers like Katie are so organized that their ability to effectively schedule will eventually spill over to their friends. Of course, her other friends and I tease her relentlessly about what a soccer mom she will be. We can already envision the color coded calendar stuck on the wall and a perfect chalkboard menu in the kitchen for weekly meal planning.

Currently her individual planner is her lifeline and she even takes it with her everywhere, even to our sorority chapter meetings (I think she loves her planner more than me). I typically text her questions about functions because I know she wrote down the details. Katie checks her email religiously and makes sure our whole friend group in signed up for our sorority events and are all in the same group seconds after signups come out, which is insanely impressive considering slots can be filled after five minutes. It’s really nice having someone around who can keep track of when I need to be where because without her, I would’ve forgotten to show up to quite a few important things.

Bloggers also know the best food stops, even if it isn’t their home city, and make sure you get to experience the best snacks with them. This year she took our friend Rachel and I to Greenville to get off campus for a bit. We stopped at this incredible breakfast place in Travelers Rest near Greenville called Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse. Who else but a blogger would find the off the map breakfast place on the way to Greenville or make for a better friend?


Mackenzie is my big in my sorority and I'm so thankful that she has become one of my closest friends too!

Having a little who is a blogger is so much fun!!! I always get excited when she posts her my chic weeks because I’m always looking for my feature! It was also so special to me that she did a whole post all about big little reveal. Although I’ve never had a friend who has a blog, I have loved learning about the blogger world through Katie and absolutely love reading all of her posts!


Rachel is my roomie for the next year and I'm so excited as we always have a blast together!

I don’t know that there is any super dramatic difference in being friends with a blogger as opposed to someone who does not blog. Other than the fact that Katie is constantly taking pictures of her outfit or what she eats, but then again, a lot of people who don’t blog do that as well! It's cool though to see a friend doing something they are passionate about, in the case of being friends with Katie, it's blogging. Now we’re not roommates yet, so who knows? Next year could be crazy and I could realize that being friends with someone who has a blog is insanely different than having a friend without a blog


Meredith and I have been friends since elementary school and even though we go to different colleges, we are still super close friends!

Sitting down at the cozy coffee shop in my hometown, I am excited to catch up with an old high school friend. The sun is warm and shining, the iced coffee cold and sweet, and armed with a plethora of crazy stories from our first year away from home the afternoon is almost ready to commence, but not without the trademark question: “Wait let me get a quick picture of this”. To some friends, it may seem innocuous enough of a question in that the quickly snapped pic will appear on a snapchat or instagram story. With a blogger as a best friend however, I know it is much more than that. Every picture snapped and afternoon spent together holds the possibility of contributing to a post on the blog. Being friends with someone who runs a blog doesn’t necessarily mean EVERY time we are together pictures are taken- with some of the looks I’ve showed up in for a coffee chat after working for 6 hours you would probably be seriously scared of me. Rather, it means that even when we would go weeks without chatting when our lives became busy, and we found ourselves unable to find a time to sit and chat, I would still be able to check the blog and be up to date on the major life events in Katie’s life-and get some fantastic fashion inspiration at the same time. Being friends with a blogger also means that I will never be able to compete with Katie’s level of organization. In order to run this crazy successful blog of hers on top of school, sorority, nannying, and family, Katie’s day is organized  and planned down to the minute. There has never been a time she has shown up even in a minute late to coffee, or without her planner stashed somewhere near by. Having a blogger as a friend has meant that I have been able to read and watch as my friend inspires and helps others with her relatable and humorous breakdowns of her week, and her many organizational how-to posts. Holding the capability to watch as a friend grows and evolves into such an influential person has truly been an incredible honor, and I hope some of you have been able to get to know Katie as the compassionate and driven woman that has been one of my favorite people these last 10 years. I know I am truly a better person for having her as my friend, and I am so happy the rest of the world is able to get a small glimpse into her fabulous insights and life through Chic in Carolina. 


Emily and I met the first week of school in one of those freshman welcome week sessions and we wound up being in a lot of the same classes as we're both Elementary Education majors. Plus, she wound up joining Theta too!

Katie is an amazing friend as is, but being a blogger is a plus ten points; in almost all our conversations, she whips out some tidbits from her blogging – whether it be about what we’re eating, doing, or wearing. I’ve never had a friend that was a blogger and I’ve come to realize that being friends with a blogger is great! To start, Katie knows all the sales, where to get the cutest clothes, and how to spit out some good life advice for whatever situation (which I’m in need of often). I had no idea Katie was a blogger when I first met her, but I definitely noticed how in tune she was with everything; when I found out she was a blogger, it made Katie even cooler. I know for a fact that I ask her way too many questions about where she gets her planners and her super cute tassel earrings. With that being said, Katie is my go-to friend for most everything, she’s in the know. I love Katie, blog and all! 

I hope y'all got to see a little more of what it's like being friends with a blogger!


  1. This is so adorable! Especially since I know some of the girl - love my Theta babies! It's so funny to see the other side of this since I knew you as a fellow blogger first then as a friend. And I will echo their sentiments that you are a great friend! So excited to see all the big things you're going to do girly!


    1. You are too sweet, Ashley! So glad blogging and Theta brought us together!


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