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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Break has come and sadly gone and I'm back in the swing of things at school, which is also known as the land of tests, quizzes, assignments, and meetings. At school, my agenda is my best friend to keeping everything straight (and not forgetting a thing). I use the Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda in the print Lilly Lovers (which has sold out on the Lilly website, but is available here) with a monogram decal on the front from a local boutique.

 Monthly View

One of my favorite features of the Lilly agenda is the monthly page that is located right before the weekly pages. I keep track of everything on this page! I write birthdays, tests, quizzes, project due dates, babysitting jobs, and basically anything I need to remember here! Recently, I have started to initially write down events in pencil and after that day has passed, re-write it in black pen (I like to only have one color pen on this page for a uniform look). I do this because tests, quizzes, meetings, etc. get moved around  so I cross them out since I write with pen (that's why there is a black square on some of these dates!) so I solved this by using pencil first. I also use the Lilly Pulitzer stickers (the ones found in the front of the agenda and then the academic stickers that I bought separately, at my local Black Lion) on this page. I usually put the stickers on near the end of the month so that way they don't take up space on some super busy days!

The monthly pages also feature a to do list on the side. I use this to keep track of my long term assignments that I have each month. I did not use this feature last year, but I have found it super useful!

Weekly Pages

This is where I keep track of all my daily homework and daily events. On the first line, I write non-class related events in pink pen (for example on this page, Picture Day). I use one line per class for each of my seven classes this semester (I had six classes first semester in October). On the line for each class, I write my homework in black pen. If I have any other reminders (for example on this page, bring in breakfast Wednesday), I'll write it next to day it applies to on the side in black pen.


This is another section of my agenda that I did not utilize until this year. I typically use it to write down the details of any upcoming tests and projects. As seen in the picture, I flip-flop between pink and black pens so that I can clearly see what note belongs to what. 

Monthly Page (in the front)

The Lilly agenda is great because it doesn't offer you just one monthly page, but two! Under the tab Months towards the front of the agenda, each month has another page. I use this page to keep track of meetings and more fun stuff in pink. I use this page as more of a "social" calendar rather than academic focused. I write everything in pink on this page (I think the pink makes it look prettier!).

There you have it! That's how I organize my agenda! How do you organize your agenda? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love this agenda organization post! So helpful since I have the same one. I never have used the weekly to-do list, but this gave me some great ideas!

    1. Thanks! I've definitely started to use all of the features in the agenda this year and its so helpful!


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