Tips for Taking On the Second Semester

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The first semester has come and gone and now we're jumping into the second semester, the home stretch of the school year (is it too soon to be looking forward to summer?). Third quarter is always a tough one as it's cold and you're smack in the middle of the class. So to help y'all take on the rest of the year, I have gathered my tried and true tips!

Use your Agenda!
Remember that super cute agenda you bought at the beginning of the school year? Well it's time to break it back out and use it! My agenda is my lifesaver (not joking) and I would probably be 100 times more stressed without it! Be sure to check out how I organize my agenda here.

Clean out your binders!
Get rid of the notes from last semester's classes that ended (I would recommend keeping the notes for the class that are all year round for your final exam!) and hole punch all of those loose papers. Let's get it all clean and organized for the new semester!

Drink lots of water
Stay hydrated y'all! Bring a cute water bottle to school and drink as much water as possible!

Ask for help
Struggling in a class? Go into school 5 minutes early or during your free period and ask your teacher for help. I have done this numerous times for a few of my classes and it has definitely helped.

Have time for fun!
If you're anything like me, you're bound to get stressed. However, don't let this completely take over your life. Go have lunch with friends, do something fun on the weekends! When you look back at your various years of high school, you wouldn't remember the stresses over classes but the fun times with friends (trust me, I vaguely remember the stresses from previous years of high school)!

Date Everything
That random piece of paper from Biology? Put the date on it. Yesterday's test? Put the date on it. I just started doing this and it makes it so much easier to organize your binder later on.

Have a little “me time” every day
I've found that this is the key to staying sane despite crazy amounts of homework. Spend anywhere from 5 minutes to a hour doing whatever makes you happy: doing a face mask, painting your nails, watching the Bachelor, reading, blogging, pinning everything on Pinterest!

Aim for 8 hours of sleep. Every night!
Being stressed isn't fun. But being stressed and cranky from a lack of sleep is even worse. Set a bedtime for yourself and get to bed as early as possible!

Read a book that’s not for school
Something I really need to work on this semester! I'm currently taking AP Lit and the reading load for that class is pretty large so I haven't really read anything else this past semester. I'm hoping to find more time to read this upcoming semester.

Find an organization system that works for you!
Binders don't work for you? Use something else! Just because so and so organizes a particular way doesn't mean you have to as well! Try a few different ways and then use what works best!

Another thing I need to work on. I was awful (and I mean like I didn't workout for 3 months awful) about working out this past semester. Working out is an amazing stress reliever so I am definitely going to be improving the amount of workouts I do this semester!

What are your tips for the second semester? Let me know in the comments!

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