My Chic Week: January 22- 28

Friday, January 29, 2016

Thank goodness it's Friday y'all! Is it just me or short weeks seemingly so much longer. After a bit of winter weather last week (no school last Friday or Monday!), the week was a bit harder to get adjusted to (that's what happens after 4 days of no alarms in the morning!) and definitely required a lot of coffee! Funnily enough it's supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend, which I could not be more excited about (#howlongtillspring).

I had both Friday and Monday off as snow days so it was nice to have a few, unexpected days off to relax and get all of my homework done! One of my favorite ways to spend the mornings off was to curl up in bed with a cup of coffee and get some things done!

North Carolina got a bit of snow but I opted to stay indoors as it was quite icy and honestly miserable out! But here is some proof that it snowed (at least a little bit!).

Friday night after dinner, my family and I went over to my next-door neighbor's to hang out (and to see their puppies who are so big now!).

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty relaxed although we did head out of the house to grab lunch on Saturday! Monday was more of the same as I worked on homework, baked brownies, and relaxed at home!

As long as this week was, it somehow flew by (well isn't that an oxymoron?). I had a lot of quizzes and schoolwork that we were catching up in classes due to our unexpected days off, which made the week go by fast! Like one second it's Monday night and then bam, it's Thursday. Definitely not a bad thing but definitely crazy! I feel like I have said this every week lately, but one of my new year's goals is to post more consistently on social media, which I have failed at again! I really (and I mean it!) am going to try posting more (be sure to follow me: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest!) in the next week!

On my radar this week:

1. Love how Cara styled a Lilly dress for winter in this post!

2. As mentioned earlier in this post, I had last Friday off for a snow day! I spent the day to catch up on a bit of organizing and cleaned my makeup brushes (which I really need to do more often because they just get gross). I used this DIY for my brushes and this DIY for my Beauty Blender and now my brushes are so clean. For more beauty related DIYs, be sure to check out my Beauty Pinterest board!

3. Mackenzie's blog is just the cutest and I love all of her makeup and beauty product posts (slightly ironic as I tend to go very simple in what makeup products I use). She just posted her current makeup routine and I think I need to buy a few new products ;)

4. After remembering reading about this book on Dorothy's blog last year, I ordered this book and it is so cute! I have been using it as a little decorative accent in my room and it adds such a fun touch!

5. I found this article on what your acne is really saying so interesting

Be sure to check out my posts from this past week!

Hope y'all all have a great weekend!


  1. Getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend of snow days really was hard! Those brownies look so good!
    XO Alyson |

    1. I totally agree! Thanks Alyson, hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Those brownies look SO good!

    Mackenzie |

  3. I really want that book!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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