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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Last weekend on my Instagram and Twitter (be sure to follow me!), I asked y'all to comment with some questions for me to answer! I love finding out bits and tidbits about other bloggers's lives so I thought this would be the perfect way for y'all to get to know me a bit better (be sure to check out this post and this post as well!). I am so excited to share the answers with y'all today so let's get started!

What are your go to winter staples?
My winter staples are definitely jeans, riding boots, a vest, and a cashmere Lilly Pulitzer scarf! I just bought a Lilly cashmere cardigan and a Ralph Lauren button up, which I know I'll be wearing for the rest of the winter!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a first or second grade teacher!

What are your favorite TV shows?
I love watching Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill and Netflix while the Bachelor, Pretty Little Liars, and Say Yes to the Dress are my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows!

What colleges are you interested in?
So, if y'all are older readers, you know that I'm a junior in high school so I'm really starting to get in the middle of the college process. I'm not going to tell y'all my exact thoughts on each college I'm looking into as I'm a bit of scared of jinxing myself, I'm planning on sharing everything once I decide on a school. I want to stay in the South and have been looking largely at North Carolina, South Carolina, a little bit of Georgia, a little bit in Alabama, and some Virginia schools! I've toured 15 colleges so far but most of that were with my school and I definitely did not love all of them! I'm planning on touring the ones I did love very soon and I'm looking forward to sharing that with y'all! I've shared my tours of Auburn, Furman, Elon, and on Friday, I'll be sharing about my Clemson tour!

What do you do when you find yourself in a creative block?
I try to keep a list of blog posts ideas running at all times (comment for any you would love to see or email me at with post requests) so I can work off of that! I love Pinterest (follow me here!) and reading other blogs for blog post inspiration!
Top places you want to travel to?
Paris, London, Hawaii, Palm Beach, New York City, Bora Bora!

What does your average weekday look like?
I'm a high school junior so my weekday consists of waking up early, getting ready for the day, school, and a few days out of the week I will have a meeting during lunch. After school, my afternoon may consist of homework, babysitting, SAT tutoring, teaching a religious education class at my Church, or just (re)watching Gossip Girl on Netflix! Here is a Day in My Life post from September, it's changed a little bit but overall it's pretty updated!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a golden retriever!

What is on your wishlist?
Pretty much everything in the Lilly Pulitzer spring line! I also love these Jack Rogers and this striped shirt! On my dream wishlist (aka the items I will not be purchasing anytime soon) are this jacket and this bag!

Why did you start blogging?
I have always followed a bunch of bloggers on social media and then during the summer before my sophomore year of high school, I started binge-reading a few during rainy afternoons! I loved the idea of blogging and went back and forth on whether I should start my own until March of last year!

What was your favorite stuffed animal as a kid?
Boo from Monsters Inc.!

What was your favorite field trip?
Probably my eighth grade week long trip to Washington D.C.!

What is your favorite quote?
"Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen" -Blair Waldorf

What is your favorite blog post that you've ever written?
This is a toughie! This is probably my favorite lifestyle post and this is my favorite outfit post so far!

What are your top three Lilly items?
If y'all haven't noticed yet, I am a huge fan of the brand Lilly Pulitzer and I can't help the fact that my closet is probably 75% Lilly! My all-time favorite pieces are probably the Elsa top in Southern Charm (styled here), the Michelina Skort in Red Right Return (styled here), and the Rosie Shift Dress in Seeing Pink Elephants (styled here).

What color do you wear the most?

What are your favorite children's books?
Any Dr. Seuss books are always good, or Eloise and Madeline! When I was a bit older, I loved Junie B. Jones!

What are your favorite and least favorite parts about blogging?
My favorite aspects about blogging are writing blog posts for y'all, the sweet comments y'all leave on my posts, and connecting with other bloggers! My least favorite aspects of blogging are the pressure to become a "famous" blogger and then comparing myself to other bloggers (I love this post from Cathleen which talks about this!). Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives by a landslide and I'm so excited to publish content for y'all for many years to come!

How do you save money while shopping?
Okay so I think I may do a whole separate post on this but waiting for things to go on sale and just saving up to splurge on my must have pieces!

What is your favorite old Disney channel show?
Hannah Montana was the first show I was allowed to watch on Disney so I'll go with that. I know this is a movie, but I was really obsessed with High School Musical back in the day!

What are you best tips for balancing blogging and school?
Pre-plan, pre-plan, pre-plan! I always try to schedule all of my posts for the upcoming week during the weekend so that way I can focus on being active on social media and schoolwork during the week!

How do you manage school and your blog?
Similar to the question above, but lots of pre-scheduling posts and time management! I like to have posts up every week day so I schedule a week's worth of posts so I don't have to worry about it during the week!

What is your most worn pair of shoes?
During the school year, definitely my Tory Burch flats (I have a pair in black and in tan). During the summer, my Jack Rogers!

If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?
Definitely a dolphin!

Do you subscribe to any magazines?
I do not, but I love borrowing my neighbor's People magazines (she has a subscription) and reading Town & Country online!

A big thank you for everyone who left a question for me to answer! If you think of any additional questions, feel free to email me at!

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