How to Prep for the Week Ahead

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Monday...the day of the week where you have to return back to class and waking up at 6 AM after 2 glorious days of sleeping in. Mondays stink (well at least for me they do) but they stink less when you're prepared (it's possible!). Today, I'm sharing with y'all how to fully prep for the week ahead so that way you are so much more efficient during the week!

I don't know about y'all but I need a clean room in order to get everything done. I just feel so much more productive and less stressed out when my room doesn't look like an earthquake just hit it. Spend a few minutes tidying up so that your room is clean and organized for the week ahead.

Have some "me time"
For me, weekdays can get busy. I have school all day and then throw in babysitting, SAT tutoring, my Faith Formation class, and not to mention homework and it seems like there is hardly any hours left in the day. Take a deep breath before it all begins and spend a little time doing what you love whether it be netflix binging, a bit of pampering, reading not for school or napping.

Do laundry
Start off the week fresh and get ahead so you don't have to do it at some other time! Also, fold and put away your clothes going off of the tip above!

Finish up last week's task
I just said to have some me time but the weekend is also great for catching up on last week's assignments or doing everything that is due on Monday. Get it done now so you have extra time later!

Update your Agenda
Add in that meeting that you just got an email for and the quiz in History and anything else that's coming up! This way you don't forget and your agenda is ready to go for the week!

Make your To-Do List
Write everything you know you need to do on a to-do list so you'll get it done! Definitely add to it during the week but just add the things you know you have to do already!

Catch some zzz's
If you can swing it, go to bed early! The extra sleep definitely will not hurt and it will make getting up a little easier come Monday morning if you slept a little longer the night before!

How do you prep for the week ahead? Let me know in the comments!


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