My Chic Week: September 9-15

Friday, September 16, 2016

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so excited to finally have a My Chic Week post go up on a Friday (as usual) rather than at some point during the weekend like the past few weeks. I had some time last night to work on this post, which I was so excited about! This week was another whirlwind so unfortunately I don't have many pictures but this weekend is set to be pretty busy so I'll be sharing about that next week!

Friday was fairly typical as I had a few quizzes and assignments due. Fridays have been my busy day as of late for school since it seems I always have quizzes or tests or stuff due on Friday haha!

After school on Friday, I went to a Pure Barre class, which was an amazing way to kick off the weekend. I then ran home, changed, and ate dinner before heading back to school for a football game.  I arrived early to volunteer for NHS, which was great because I got a few service hours and I also got a really good parking spot haha!

The theme of the game was America so we all wore our red, white, and blue to cheer on our team. I didn't wind up getting any pictures but it was so fun to hang out with everyone in my grade! We wound up losing (quite miserably actually) but it was still fun to attend!

Saturday morning started off with a Pure Barre class and then running back home to get ready for a meeting. I had a meeting for Faith Formation at 11 at Panera, so I quickly changed into this super comfy Lou & Grey dress (that I purchased at Loft).

I absolutely love Panera's Cinnamon Crunch Bagel so I got that while I was there. Since I had quite a bit of homework to do, I decided to stay at Panera after my meeting ended to bang the majority of my homework out (and consumed one too many iced coffees in the process!).

On Sunday, I slept in and then went to Mass with my mom and sister. Since it's been so warm in Charlotte this week, I was able to wear one of the dresses I got in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale. After Mass, my mom and I went out to lunch at one of my favorite barbecue restaurants in town, which was so so yummy!

Since I finished all of my homework on Saturday, I had the entire afternoon free, which was so nice since I haven't had a lot of free time with school starting back up lately. My mom and I went to Trader Joe's and I was so surprised to see that they already had pumpkins in store (although they didn't have any pumpkin flavored products, which was a bummer). After Trader Joe's, I blogged and then had a delicious steak dinner at home with my family to round out the weekend.

Monday was a pretty exciting day as I had both the first meeting for the Service Committee than I'm the Vice President of as well as my first Faith Formation class of the year. I am so excited for another year of Faith Formation and can't believe this is my third year teaching (and last since I'll be at college next year!).

Tuesday was pretty normal as I went to school and nannied in the afternoon- nothing to exciting!

I was up (super) bright and early Wednesday morning for a 6 AM Pure Barre class. Attending the 6 AM definitely puts me in a bit of rush to get to school on time but is so worth it as I'm able to squeeze a workout in since I typically can't fit classes into my schedule after school.

The school day itself was fairly normal but we did do the Candy Neurons project in my AP Psych group, which was a lot of fun! Even though Psych is my first class of the day, we ate so much candy it was slightly insane, which is a good way to start off the school day!

After school, I nannied and the little boy I nanny and I decided to stop for King of Pops on the way to his house. They always have a little stand outside and I've never stopped before but my popsicle was delicious! I tried the Arnold Palmer, which was so yummy (especially since it's still in 90s here)! I will definitely be stopping for popsicles more often (well until it gets cold out haha).

Thursday was pretty calm, which is definitely welcomed! I thankfully didn't have too much homework, which I will never complain about haha!

On my Radar this week:

1. I found this Town & Country article hilarious

2. Obsessed with this outfit from Annaliese (I mean the background is gorgeous)

3. This espresso sticky buns recipe looks perfect for a weekend brunch

4. I need this Kate Spade top

5. This outfit from Mackenzie is so cute

6. Did y'all hear that Lilly Pulitzer is making wallpaper and fabric now? Obsessed

7. I love how Dorothy styled this dress

8. I relate to this Buzzfeed article a little too much...

9. As a senior, I love Caroline's tips for applying to college

Be sure to check out this week's blog posts!

Happy Friday and hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Friday! That Lou & Gray dress is so cute!!

    Ashley //

  2. Such a cute style! Your blog is so girly and refreshing I love it x

    Emma | Fashion Photography and Model |

  3. The Debutant's Dictionary was pretty hilarious; thanks for sharing the find!

  4. I love that striped dress! So fun!

  5. Love the striped dress! I need to try out that Panera thing x

    1. Thanks Elly! It's the cinnamon crunch bagel- so yummy!

  6. I hope that you still rock bright lily patterns into fall!

  7. So excited to see that pumpkins are already out! can't wait to let my daughter paint one :) Also, love your outfits!

  8. Super cute looks. I love the Statement Bracelet.
    And the Pumpkins are sooo cool. Cant wait to buy some for our house.

    xx Johanna

  9. love this post! I tried a barre class once and it seriously wasn't for me, the moves were so awkward for me to complete! haha x, kenz

  10. You have such cute outfits, and bravo for you for going to Pure Barre so much!
    xo, Syd

  11. I love the first outfit... classic white shirts are my favourite!

  12. I've always wanted to try a barre class! I hear they're pretty awesome. I love Panera's bagels. They're everything bagels are everything. I've never had the cinnamon crunch one, but it sounds delish.

    1. I'm obsessed with Pure Barre and you definitely need to try the cinnamon crunch bagels- they're the best!


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