Wednesday, February 15, 2017

5 Unexpected Ways to Use your Agenda

I know I talk about it so often but my agenda is definitely a life saver in my day-to-day life. Days where I forget to bring my agenda to school with me definitely feel a little "off" haha! Rather than sharing another "oh my gosh, I love my agenda post" with y'all, I decided to share 5 ways to use your agenda that you may of not thought of before!

For reference, I use the Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda (which I shared with y'all here). I've been using a Lilly agenda all throughout high school and love how bright and colorful each page is. Freshman through Junior year, I used the Large size but decided to upgrade to the Jumbo this year since I knew senior year would be busy (haha). Even though I have been tempted by the Day Designer a few times (thinking it would work better for college in the fall!), I love the Jumbo size and would definitely recommend it!

1. Daily To Do Lists
To-Do Lists aren't exactly ground breaking but on the margins of each page next to each day in my agenda, I like to note the random tasks I want to accomplish. I primarily use the daily planning space to keep track of homework so this helps me keep track of everything else. Whether it's cleaning out my email inbox, texting a friend happy birthday, or a reminder to make a Target run, this definitely helps keep track of everything.

2. Notes, notes, and more notes!
Instead of using a separate note book or using my laptop, I use my agenda to jot down various notes. Especially for meetings, it's helpful to have one less thing to carry.

3. To Keep Track of Passwords
There's nothing worse than trying to enter into an account and realizing you've forget your password or what is capitalized in it or whatever. To solve this problem, I have a few pages in my agenda where I keep track of my username and passwords for various websites and it definitely is useful!

4. Birthdays
I really like having friends and family members's birthdays written down so I can remember to send them a quick text or a card to celebrate. Having a list in the front of my agenda with everyone's birthday on it is so helpful in seeing whose birthdays are coming up!

5. An address book
Lilly agendas come with a few pages in the front for addresses/contacts and it's so helpful! Whether it's looking up a friend's address to send her a birthday gift in the mail or to jot down the addresses of families you babysit for so you know where they should deliver the pizza to, it's definitely handy to have on hand and saves time as well since you don't have to run around searching for the address you need.

How do you unexpectedly use your agenda? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Some great tips! I always used a Lilly agenda in college, it definitely helped me to stay organized.

  2. I haven't even thought about using my agenda for passwords, I always try to memorize them and I end up forgetting them lol. Great tips Katie! :)