How to Use your Free Period More Effectively

Thursday, February 16, 2017

In high school, one of the greatest blessings is free period (or flex block as we call it at my school). You can work on homework, study, work on projects, or get ahead in classes but you could also spend 45 minutes on Pinterest (well I could before they blocked Pinterest on the school wifi...). It is definitely easy to waste your free period so I decided to put together a few of my favorite tips for being more productive to share with y'all!

a test shot from Tuesday's post!

Catch up on Emails
This is always the first thing I do when my free period begins. I like to take a few minutes to go through my emails, file away the ones I don't need, respond to the ones I need to, etc. Doing this sets the period off on an organized note and also helps my inbox be less unruly for the rest of the day.

Eat a snack
An optional one but sometimes its way easier to eat during free period than in class haha!

Update your agenda/to-do list
Another "housekeeping" item that helps to keep the rest of your day on track. During my free period, I always make sure to update my agenda with any homework from the classes I just finished and also update tests and assignment due dates.

Pick a subject and work on that
Picking a subject (let's say Math) and working on that everyday during your free period can be really beneficial. I typically like to do work for one of the classes that isn't my favorite as that means I don't have to do it at home that night. Last year, I had Pre-Calc two classes before my free period so I always did my homework then while the information was still fresh in my mind

Ask teachers questions
At the beginning of the semester, I definitely suggest seeing what teachers have planning periods during your free period. This is the perfect time to quickly ask a question on last night's homework or talk about a quiz question you didn't understand

Put things away in your locker
The four minutes in between classes isn't always long enough to go to the bathroom and go to your locker and be on time for class so I typically switch out my books during my free period. Now that my free period is towards the end of the day, I also put away books that I don't need to bring home that night during my free period.

Sit by yourself
Hear me out on this one haha! I am definitely an extrovert and love to talk so on days where I really need to get stuff done, I find it really helpful to sit by myself so I'm not as distracted and get off task by talking to friends! Last semester, I was the only one of my friends in my free period and although it stunk not having any friends in it with me, I was able to get a lot more done.

Listen to music
Listening to music is a great way to focus on whatever you're working on (even if you're sitting with friends) and also makes your homework or studying a little more fun at the same time.

Do you have any additional tips for using your free period more efficiently? Let me know in the comments!

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