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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy February y'all! January flew by it seems like and with the start of the new year brought trying out some new products and rediscovering some old favorites as well. I always like to start the month by looking back at the last's month's favorites, whether it be a clothing item, a beauty product, food, or something totally random! You can check out all of my monthly favorites posts here and let's jump into January!

January also has a certain motivation to it as it is a fresh start and coming back from Christmas, you are rejuvenated. January was a busy one for me as my school had our midterm exams two week after we came back from Christmas instead of before like we have in years past. This meant that January was full of studying, taking exams, and then prepping for a new semester- my last one of high school (be sure to check out my reflection on first semester here)!

My grandparents gave these to me for Christmas and I am seriously in love! They're so soft and comfortable- I have them in a size up than usual, which makes them a bit oversized as well. I seriously have worn them almost every night in January haha!

In all honesty, I'm still in the process of perfecting curling my hair with this curling iron but I'm so excited about it. I had previously used a curling iron I randomly found in our guest room my freshman year and was definitely in need of being replaced. I went to the Drybar when I visited New York last April and thought their curling iron would be perfect! I really love it so far! This video is a great tutorial on how to use this curling iron!

A fun story behind this one, I bring a water bottle to school with me everyday and used various Lilly tumblers the past couple of years. They break so easily and I've probably gone through at least 10 because they have fallen over and just broken. My mom knowing this continual cycle of breaking water bottles gave my sister the advice to get me a more heavy duty one for Christmas. She picked out a hot pink Corkcicle and put a monogram on it, which is so perfect!

Hunter Rain Boots
I've wanted these boots for a while and I was so excited to find them under the Christmas tree. They brighten up any rainy day and are surprisingly comfier than my old rain boots and my bean boots as well!

First Aid Beauty Moisturizer 
Not a new favorite, but with it being winter it has definitely come in handy lately. This is a bit pricier than your typical moisturizer but worth it for smooth skin!

Pure Barre Tank
My uncle gave this to me for Christmas and I have been loving wearing this to barre class. Even though it is cold outside, it gets warm in the barre studio so I am not a fan of wearing long sleeves to class in the winter. I love to wear this top to class and layer a popover over it for walking in and out of the studio. It also doesn't hurt that it is super cute!

Fitbit Alta
I am planning on doing a whole separate review post on my this product but after my Fitbit Charge (read my review for it here) broke back in October, I went a few months without a Fitbit. A few weeks ago, I was talking about ordering a new one and my mom asked me if I checked the warranty on my Charge to see if they would replace it. A few minutes with customer service online later, I was given a 30% code for any new Fitbit (I could of gotten a replacement of what I had before for free but wanted to try the Alta) and ordered my new Fitbit. It has been great so far and really does encourage me to do be a bit more active throughout the day!

Tory Burch Wallet
Another Christmas gift that I am so excited about! This wallet was featured in a few of my wishlist posts (here and here) and it has definitely been put into use since receiving it a few weeks ago! I love how classic it is and it is also big enough to fit your iPhone inside, which is definitely handy!

Vineyard Vines Skirt
During the week, I wear one of my J. Crew City Mini Skirts at least once a week (see how I styled my navy one and then how I styled my black one) but when I was in Florida over Christmas Break, I found this skirt in the sale rack in Vineyard Vines. I have seriously worn it multiple times to school and it is such a timeless style and so cute. See how I styled it in this blog post!

Target To-Do List
After my last exam a few weeks ago and going out to lunch with a friend, I decided to go for a Target run where I found this super cute to-do list. I mention to-do lists in like every single one of my organization posts and this one is so pretty and not terribly expensive either!

What were your January Favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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