My Chic Week: February 3-9

Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! Two things to be excited about: 1) it's Friday YAY and 2) I finally managed to get a My Chic Week post to go up on time haha! I have a somewhat exciting weekend ahead with a few Pure Barre classes scheduled, babysitting tonight, going to brunch at a new-to-me restaurant in the city with a blogging friend, and then catching up with another blogging friend over FaceTime! As always, I'll be recapping this week next Friday but for now let's look at the past week!

Friday was quite a busy day since it was a Mass day at school, meaning classes were a few minutes shorter. During lunch, I had a meeting and then since I didn't have work that evening, I went to a barre class and then just relaxed at home. After a busy first week of the semester it was nice to just relax and order a pizza.

Saturday wasn't too exciting as I went to a Pure Barre class and then worked on homework and some blog stuff. I went to Church and afterwards had dinner with my family. I did catch up on the Bachelor with my sister, which was pretty funny!

Sunday morning, I woke up some-what early to go to a Pure Barre class. After my class ended, I headed back home and caught up with my parents who had just gotten back from their Hawaii trip (I was only a little jealous haha!). Since I had already finished my homework, Sunday was dedicated to working on the blog and then on various other items on my to-do list.

Even though my team (Go Steelers!) didn't make it to the Super Bowl, it was still fun to watch, especially since there's a lot of yummy food involved haha!

Mondays are always a busier day for me as it's always a bit harder to get back in the routine of going to class and then afterward school, I did a little homework before going to the Faith Formation class that I teach, running home for dinner, and then going to a barre class.

In AP Psych on Tuesday, we did what is called deep relaxation since we just finished the stress unit, which was a great way to start off my day! I had a meeting during lunch and then worked in the afternoon.

I had an AP Psych Test Wednesday but other than that my day wasn't all too crazy! I did receive my Sephora order that I had placed last weekend in the mail, which was a great way to brighten up my day. I had just ran out of my favorite foundation and wanted to try out this perfume so it was a pretty exciting mail day!

I've decided that Thursdays are definitely my least favorite day of the week schedule wise so it's a bit difficult getting through that but thankfully I didn't have too much homework and could work on this post for y'all after work haha!

On my Radar:

1. Love Annaliese's very real start to her new blog series about relationships

2. If you love your agenda as much as I do, you will find this article hilarious!

3. I thought this Town & Country article was too funny!

5. Julia is one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers and she just announced on Monday that she is expecting her first child and I'm low-key so excited for her!

Happy Friday!


  1. Just bought the Too Faced foundation yesterday to try out! Hope I like it as much as you do!

    xoxo, Veronica

    1. Yay, it's seriously my favorite as it works SO well!


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