How to Prep for the Week Ahead

Monday, February 6, 2017

Mondays are never fun but lately I've found that there's a few things I can do over the weekend, especially on Sundays, to make them go a little more smoothly. A smoother and easier Monday is definitely a plus in my book, so here are a few of my tips and tricks for preparing for the week ahead.

It is, of course, now Monday so these tips can be done either on Sundays or even throughout the week!

Schedule your workouts
This has become a part of my routine since starting taking Pure Barre classes last June (see my post about my first 100 classes here) but at the start of each week, I schedule all of my classes for that week. Having my workout scheduled into my calendar helps me actually get to class and workout during the week.

Make a to-do list for the week
I find it really helpful to make a big to-do list with various action items you want to accomplish, like mail the birthday gift or order more moisturizer from Sephora. I usually also include various events for that week, like Tuesday: NHS Meeting. Making one big list is helpful because it helps me remember the smaller tasks I need to accomplish and put on my daily to-do lists.

Clean out your purse/backpack
During the week, my purse and school bag tend to accumulate a lot of junk inside of it. Removing trash, putting lose change into a jar, throwing away receipts are all great ways to clean out your bags in preparation for the week ahead.

Catch up on sleep
I always try to go to bed a few minutes earlier on Sunday nights as I know it will help me start the week off on a good note. Sunday nights I usually have a lot less going on as my homework is done and I don't have to stay up later to finish it, making it easier to go to bed early.

Update your agenda
My agenda is my life saver for keeping my life together (see how I organize mine here) and the weekend is the perfect time to update your calendar with events and deadlines that have come up. This makes your agenda ready to go come Monday morning!

Lay out your outfit for the next day
I don't do this every night but I find it helpful to lay out your outfit for Monday the night before. It saves a few minutes in the morning and also gets you excited for Monday because you know you get to wear the outfit you picked out

Clean out your inbox
I know during the week my inbox tends to pile up and just generally be a mess by the time Friday rolls around. Taking the time to sort through my emails, respond to the ones I need to, and then sort them into various folders (I did a whole post on email organization here) is a great way to be productive over the weekend. Starting the week with your inbox at 0 really helps to start the week off fresh and save a little more time as you don't have to do the cleaning on Monday morning

Enjoy "me time"
On busy days during the week, I don't always have time to relax or have "me time" so I always make sure to include that into my weekend whether that means painting my nails, read a book, watching an episode of Gossip Girl, or taking long shower.

Put away your laundry
You know that pile of laundry that constantly builds up in your bedroom? Sundays are the perfect time to put everything away. Not only will your room be less messy, it will always save time in the morning as you don't have to hunt for the one shirt you need to wear that day.

Accomplish one organization item
Nothing too crazy here- take one organization item off of your to-do list and do it. Whether it's cleaning your makeup brushes, washing your sheets, or cleaning your bathroom, do one thing to start your week on a more organized note.

How do you prepare for the week ahead? Let me know in the comments!

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