My Chic Week: April 21-27

Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy Monday y'all! Sorry for the brief lack in content here on Chic in Carolina last Thursday and Friday- I was sick last Tuesday so I had a lot of work to make up and with AP exams this week and next week, school has been pretty busy. My AP Psych exam is today so, thankfully, things should be a little less hectic, which means I'll have more time to dedicate to the blog!

I typically post my "My Chic Week" posts on Friday but since I missed last Friday, I figured I would share it today so we would be on track for this Friday and that Friday's post won't be too long!

Two Fridays ago, I was still on Spring Break (wow that feels like forever ago) and I had the day to kind of just relax at home, which was really nice. I was able to sleep in and go to my favorite barre class time that I went to all the time last summer (the 12 PM class).

I was also able to catch up on a massive amount of blog work, which was nice to get a head start on since school has been so busy coming back from Spring Break.

Saturday morning, I went to barre yet again before nannying for a few hours in the afternoon. Charlotte has been having the most gorgeous weather lately so we went for a walk in the park, which had some beautiful scenery to go along with the gorgeous weather!

Sunday was my last day of Spring Break so it was fitting that I had a lazy day haha! I'm very Type A and I kind of stink at relaxing (seriously, my friends will tell you this) so having a lazy day and not doing a whole lot is big for me haha.

I did go to a Pure Barre class in the afternoon, which was a great way to brighten a rainy day, but other than that it was a pretty lazy Sunday!

Since it was the first day coming back from break, Monday seemed especially busy. The 6 AM alarm seemed a bit more abrupt than usual but it's been nice to kind of settle back into my routine at school last week (although it won't last long as summer is just around the corner!). I taught my Faith Formation class in the afternoon and then went to barre class afterwards.

Like I said earlier, I was sick on Tuesday so I stayed home from school and just relaxed. I did work on a few assignments so I won't get too far behind but other than that, I didn't do much haha.

After taking a sick day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were a bit busy as I had quite a few assignments and quizzes to make up in addition to preparing for AP testing. I also nannied in the afternoon both days, which was fun after not nannying over Spring Break since I was in Florida (which you can read about here!).

Happy Monday and good luck to anyone taking AP exams today!


  1. Good luck with your AP exams! You are going to kill it.

    xx. The Coastal Confidence


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