My Chic Week: May 5-11

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! What a week- I wrapped up my last AP exam ever on Wednesday and we're slowly inching closer and closer to graduation! Things have definitely gotten a bit busy as all of my teachers are trying to cram all of our grades in before the seniors leave for summer break but I know the next few weeks will be full of lots of fun festivities as well. It hasn't really hit that "this is it" for high school, which is definitely bittersweet as I am so excited for Clemson but will miss all of my friends and the community at my high school as well.

That was definitely a bit sappier than I intended it to be (haha) so I'll save the rest for a graduation reflection post and we can chit chat about my week + what's on my radar because let's be real, I know that's what y'all want to read about.

Last Friday was a busy day full of fun events as we had Mass in the morning (my last all-school Mass of high school!!) followed by a yummy Cinco de Mayo lunch. They gave us a bit longer than usual for lunch on Friday so it was nice to catch up with my friends since it was a busy week with AP testing.

After school, I nannied for a few hours and we wound up making a pit-stop at Starbucks, which is always a great way to celebrate the weekend.

I didn't have too much planned for last weekend, which was really nice. After enjoying breakfast at home, I went to a barre casual (as usual haha). My mom and I went to get our nails done Saturday afternoon, which is always so relaxing.

My family and I went to Saturday night Mass so I took that as an excuse to wear one of my favorite Lilly shift dresses. I got this dress during my sophomore year, so it is unfortunately not available anymore but I still love wearing it! I also felt it was very appropriate to wear a shift dress to watch the Kentucky Derby with my family!

My mom helps with the Book Fair at the elementary school my siblings and I went to so Sunday morning, I went to help her with that. We always pick up Munchkins for everyone who comes to the book fair so I had to grab an iced coffee and a donut too haha.

After a few hours at the Book Fair, we headed back home where I worked on this week's blog posts before going to a Pure Barre class. It was definitely a productive Sunday, which I always love.

This week has been especially weird as since it's the end of the year, I have had a lot to do in some classes and then nothing to do in others (I'll gladly take nothing to do haha). Monday and Tuesday, I didn't have a ton to work on other than prepping for my last AP exam on Wednesday and then some projects due next week. Since my Faith Formation class ended last week, I worked on both Monday and Tuesday.

As I mentioned earlier, Wednesday was my last AP exam (AP Lang) so I was at school all morning taking the exam but then had the afternoon free. I caught up on the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (anyone else still watch this??), worked on a few things for school, and walked the dogs before going to work a bit earlier than usual.

While nannying, I took the kids to get popsicles from King of Pops, which are so yummy! I got the Sweet Tea and Lemonade flavor, which was so refreshing and the perfect way to celebrate being done with AP exams!

Thursday was getting back into the swing of things after not being in class on Wednesday and continuing to work on all of the assignments I keep talking about (lol). I did film my senior interview for our senior video during lunch, which wound up being so fun to do! I worked after school as well on Thursday before heading home to work on a few assignments for school.

flats (on sale!!)

On my Radar This Week:

1. CHICAGO! My dad and I are heading up to the Windy City tomorrow morning for a quick weekend trip and I am so excited- any recommendations for things we should do?

2. My blogger (and real life!) bestie, Riley, shared a Q&A post this week, which I loved reading! And I may or may not have contributed some of the questions to it haha ;)

3. Even though most of these tips are directed towards moms, I love this post about ways to make time for "me time"!

4. My friend Annaliese just shared a post on why she is doing a 4 week shopping fast, which I love! I did a month without shopping back in September (which you can read about here) and it was so helpful in saving money!

5. Lilly Pulitzer just released some new arrivals and they are, of course, gorgeous! My favorites from this shipment are this dress, these pajama pants, this shift dress, this maxi dress, and these shorts.

This week on Chic in Carolina:

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