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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer is just around the corner and that means everyone's favorite week of the year is too: finals. Even though I'm a senior and I can exempt out of most of my finals, I may still have to take a final next week so I'm right in the boat of prepping for that. Finals may not be the most fun time of the year but, thankfully, after you finish them, summer is all yours, which is the perfect motivation.

After four years of taking high school finals, I figured that I would share my tips & tricks to share with y'all to help you finish out the semester strong.

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Get enough sleep
Students typically don't associate sleep with finals week but it's so important in doing your best on the test. Even if it means sacrificing a bit of study time, be sure to get to bed somewhat early.

Study in order of the schedule of your exams
My school sets up exam week in that you have (or should have) two exams everyday. I find it really helpful to first study for whatever exam you have first and then study for the second exam as it is obviously going to be before the other exam. In terms of looking at exam week as a whole, I would prioritize studying for those first exams to ensure I'm properly prepared.

Be prepared the day of
On the day of an exam, I always make sure to double-check I have everything I need for the exam: pencils, pens, erasers, calculator (for math), a sweatshirt, etc. I also make sure I have a few extra pencils and pens to ensure that I don't run into any additional issues during the test. Being prepared helps to decrease stress as you won't be running around trying to find a number two pencil two minutes before the test starts.

Make a study guide
Some classes will require that you make a study guide but if they don't, make one anyways. Write down key concepts, equations to know, summaries of the chapter, problems from old quizzes or tests, etc. Writing everything down serves as another way of studying information and a study guide gives you something to review as well.

Take advantage of in-class review sessions
Most of my teachers review with us before exams and it's so important to pay attention and participate during these. Most of the time (in my experience), the teacher will include information that will be on the test and even if it's not identical, it's helpful in terms of recalling information.

Study with friends
Whether this means heading to Panera to all study together or working through a pile of flash cards with a friend, making studying more of a social activity makes it a bit more enjoyable. Studying with friends also may help in remembering forgotten information, "do you remember, how to do this??" and can help in working out tricky review problems.

Eat breakfast the day of
Don't let yourself get hungry in the middle of the test because that's so distracting for yourself. Be sure to eat a yummy breakfast the morning of!

Don't stress too much
I know it may not seem this way now, but it's just one test. It's healthy to stress but don't stress too much. If you find yourself getting too stressed, take a break and relax. You will thank yourself later and you will probably do better on your test since you won't be freaking out about it.

Utilize resources
Watch videos if you forget how about a particular topic in the course. Use quizlet. There's so many resources out there to help you and finals is the perfect time to use those to save time and energy.

Do you have any other tips for final exams? Let me know in the comments!

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