Second Semester of Senior Year Reflection

Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy Monday y'all! Today is a bit more exciting than typical Mondays because it is my first official day of summer! My last day of class was on Friday and I managed to exempt out of all of my exams so summer has officially begun for me. It's been nice to spend the weekend relaxing and organizing rather than doing homework but I can't believe that senior year (or classes at least) is officially over.

I shared a reflection on the first quarter of senior year and then the first semester of senior year so I figured that I would wrap things up with another reflection post.

Senior year as a whole was interesting as I went from being ready to go to college that second to wishing high school wouldn't end. I talked about that feeling in my last few reflection posts but it definitely sunk in second semester. I've gone to school with some of my classmates for 10 years and it is definitely weird to think that this fall, my grade will be spread out across the country. I know I'll miss aspects of high school and my friends but I'm ready for a new chapter and to start college this fall.

Many of my friendships have changed since freshman year and some of my struggles this semester included accepting that change. Freshman and sophomore year, my friends and I called age 16 the "year of change" and even though a lot of those changes did happen junior year, they still affected my senior year. This has been both good and bad as I've gotten to become better friends with some people while I have drifted away from people I called friends earlier in high school.

Senior year has the reputation of being easy with not a lot of homework, which I hoped would come true in second semester. I did have a lighter workload most days but others I was slammed with projects and a million things to do. I'm a bit of a perfectionist as well (if you haven't noticed already haha) so I wasn't exactly one to let things go and let there be zeroes in the grade book haha.

I talked about this last week but second semester was exciting as I finally made the big decision to go to Clemson in March. The first part of second semester was busy with last minute college tours and my last few notifications but I was so relieved and excited when I decided that I will be attending Clemson this fall! I'm so excited to be a Tiger and lots of exciting things are happening: I have my roommate, I'm signing up for housing this week, and orientation is quickly approaching. It's also been so fun to find out where all of my friends and classmates are going to school throughout the past few months.

Since I'll be heading off to school this fall and will be living in South Carolina, I've been trying to focus on spending lots of time with my friends and family while I'm still living at home. Even though the dinner at home with family or just hanging out with friends doesn't seem super memorable now, I know I will be glad to have this time when I'm 2.5 hours away this fall.

Are you a senior this year? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love these posts. Please do them while you're in college.

  2. Congratulations on finishing high school! You'll LOVE college!!
    xx, Jillian

  3. This is such a great post! Congrats on this new chapter!! I am so excited for you! Clemson will be SO fun!

    Mackenzie |


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