My Chic Week: May 12- 18

Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! Today is a particularly exciting day because it's my last day of high school, which is crazy! Even though I've been counting down to this day all year, I can't believe it's actually here and I know it will be a bit of an emotional one, especially since we're watching our senior video during lunch! I will definitely catch y'all up on all of today's festivities next week but for now, let's catch up about last week!

Last Friday, thankfully, wasn't too crazy during the school day and I worked that afternoon as well. Nothing too exciting other than attempting how much stuff was too much for one night while packing for my trip to Chicago the next day.

On Saturday, my dad and I took a quick trip to Chicago as an early graduation gift. I shared everything we did and all of my pictures in Tuesday's blog post (so definitely check that out!) but wanted to share a few more of my favorites again.

Sunday morning, we were up bright and early to catch our flight and head back home to Charlotte. I shared the following picture in Tuesday's post as well but while we were landing, we were able to get some pretty good views of the Queen City. The photo, of course, doesn't do it justice but I figured I would share it anyways ;)

Sunday, of course, was Mother's Day so my family and I spent some quality time together celebrating my sweet mother. The weather was gorgeous so we were able to hang out by the pool before eating dinner!

love this picture of my mom and I from Easter this year! (lilly shift + similar sunglasses + watch + similar purse)

Sunday night, we did our Senior Prank, which was honestly so much fun. Most of my grade came and we managed to come up with a fairly elaborate prank and accomplish it within 2 hours. I took a few more pictures than this but these are the ones that don't reveal too much about my school or other people in them haha. One of the things we did was fill a baby pool up with water in the main commons of our school and fill it with fish!

Monday was Senior Skip Day at my school and I had a rather laid back day, which was nice after a busy weekend. I slept in, went to a barre class, ran some errands, worked on my blog posts for the week, and was able to get ahead on a few things as well!

Tuesday morning was our Senior Scholarship Breakfast so we all wore our college shirts and ate a yummy Panera breakfast before school began. This week has been so nice as it's been full of fun memories with my grade, which is perfect with graduation quickly approaching.

I had my last essay of the year for AP Lang due on Tuesday night so I worked on that throughout the day and then also nannied in the afternoon.

Since this is my last week of class, I've had quite a few assignments to work on and turn in this week, making things a bit more busy. On both Wednesday and Thursday, I had meetings for Service Committee and NHS, which is so bittersweet as I know my time in those organizations has come to a close. I also nannied both days in the afternoon.

On my Radar:

1. SUMMER! As I mentioned earlier, today is my last day of class so other than an exam I may have to take (keep your fingers crossed for me haha), it's officially summer. I've been slacking off a bit on being active on social media lately since the end of senior year was so busy but be sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as I plan on being more active since I now have more time to spend on them (especially on Instagram + Instagram stories!).

2. Loved Caroline's recap of the Kentucky Derby!

3. All the #HouseGoals right here

4. Love this adorable outfit with navy and white stripes on Annaliese, plus the background is stunning!

5. Have y'all seen that Reese Witherspoon's Draper James line is now at Nordstrom? My favorites are this tunic, this top, this printed tee, and this dress!

6. My friend Amy wrote a letter to her college after graduating last weekend, which I thought was such a cute post!

7. Obsessed with Shannon's new blog design- it's way too pretty!

Happy Friday!


  1. What a fun week! I love your outfit in front of the Bean. Where is your shirt from?

    1. Thank you so much! My top is old Kate Spade :)

  2. so exciting !! i remember the excitement of the last paper and getting ready for the vacation. Have a wonderful time.



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