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Thursday, May 25, 2017

With graduation season in full swing, I figured that I would share a blog post that would be pretty relevant to everyone graduating: thank you notes! I admittedly both love sending and receiving thank you notes (I actually wrote my Common App essay about it haha!) but I definitely think they are so important when receiving gifts.

I always remember my mom having my siblings and I write lots and lots of thank you notes for Christmas and birthdays when we were younger and even though I wasn't a fan of it then, the habit definitely stuck.

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Who should I write a thank you note to?
For graduation, I would say to write thank you notes for those who send you a graduation gift (no matter the size) as well as those who traveled a long distance to attend your graduation or graduation party. Obviously, you don't need to send a thank you note for everyone who attended your graduation party but if a relative travels across the country to attend, I think it would be appropriate to send them a thank you note (if you weren't writing them one already for giving you a gift- in that case, send one thank you note!).

When should I send a thank you note?
I would say as quickly as possible. Obviously you don't want to wait too long to send it but I think a few weeks after the event (so your graduation or graduation party) is good. If you know it will take you longer to send a card, maybe send a quick email to thank the person and then send a physical thank you card afterwards.

What should I write in the thank you note?
I, personally, like to start off by addressing who the card is going to (Dear ____) and then thanking them for the gift. You could just write "Thank You" or something along those lines but I love writing exactly what they gave me (so "Thank you so much for the check/adorable monogrammed towels/gift card you gave me for graduation" rather than a simple thank you). Then I will typically write what I will plan to use the gift the gave me for ("I can't wait to use the adorable coffee mug you gave me to bring coffee to class with me in the fall") and if I was able to see them in person, I will add a memory from the event or etc. Obviously, you can add more or less depending on who the card is for but that is typically my "formula" for thank you notes!

How formal should a thank you note be?
This depends on your relationship with whoever you're sending a thank you note to. If you know the person well (like a friend or your grandmother, for example), be personal and use nicknames or inside jokes. If the thank you note is for someone you don't know that well personally (a friend of a friend who gave you a gift, etc.), I would be a bit more formal but still be "you". For addressing the note, I would definitely refer to the person as how you refer to them in real life. If you call your best friend's mom Mrs.*last name here*, call her that but if you call her Mrs. *first name here*, I would go with that!

Do you have any other Thank You Note Etiquette? Let me know in the comments!

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