My Chic Week: April 27- May 3

Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy Monday y'all! Sorry this post is going up a bit later than usual- last Thursday was my last day of exams and I moved out of my freshman dorm room (!!!) so I didn't have this post prescheduled and ready to go for y'all. This weekend was pretty busy unpacking and settling back in at home so I decided to wait and share last week's MCW post today!

Last Friday was the Last Day of Class at Clemson, which is crazy to believe! I went to my last two classes of the semester and then stopped by one of my professor's office hours. Then one of my friends and I grabbed lunch before stopping at our sorority hall. To celebrate LDOC, we grabbed ice cream at the ice cream shop on campus!

I then started packing and cleaning my dorm room before getting dinner with my big. We had dinner at a pizza place in downtown Clemson then went back to her room on our sorority hall to hang out and catch up, which was fun as always!

Saturday morning, I slept in and then did some studying as well as starting to pack up my dorm room. I went out to dinner on Saturday night with two of my friends and then grabbed ice cream afterwards. We then stopped by our sorority hall and hung out for a while!

I slept in again on Sunday and then headed to the library to get some studying down. I had Starbucks for breakfast/lunch and pretty much stayed in the library all afternoon haha!

I didn't have any exams on Monday so I was able to sleep in and get some studying done in my pajamas! I then met one of my friends for lunch and then picked up some coffee and headed over to a study room in the education building to camp out to study for our math exam the next day!

lots of coffee was needed this week!

We studied for a while and then grabbed dinner! I then headed back to my dorm and studied some more!

Tuesday morning, I had an 8 AM math exam so I took that and then ran into one of my friends so we had breakfast together. I then spent the rest of the day relaxing, binge watching Grey's, and then packing up my dorm room. I had lunch with my roommate for next year and then had dinner with my big that night.

Wednesday was full of studying for my Spanish exam as I literally studied all day. My big's mom came into town on Wednesday night so I went out to dinner with them and a few other of our friends, which was so fun!

My mom came into Clemson on Thursday morning to help me move out of my freshman dorm so there was a lot of trips up and down the stairs of my building to get everything out of my dorm. We managed to get everything done in a somewhat timely manner and then we went to Chipotle for lunch.

My big sold me the mini fridge she used in her room this past year as she's moving into an apartment so my mom and I swung by the sorority hall to pick that up and so I could say bye to her as well! My mom then dropped me off at my building and headed back home as I still had an exam to take. I then took my Spanish exam and then checked out of my dorm room before driving back home for the summer!

Since I didn't share a Weekend Reading post last weekend, I thought it would be fun to include a few things that are on my radar here!

1. Love this spring shirtdress on Mackenzie

2. Sugarfina champagne bears may be my favorite little treat to give or receive and Sugarfina just collaborated with Lilly Pulitzer on the cutest set! They'll be perfect for upcoming graduation parties or as a celebration for summer!

3. Speaking of Lilly Pulitzer, have y'all seen their newest patriotic print for summer? It would be so cute for Memorial Day or Fourth of July!

4. Obsessed with this gingham outfit on Krista

5. Draper James's collaboration with Crate and Barrel is too cute!

Happy Monday!

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