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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

One thing I want to incorporate more here on Chic in Carolina is more faith based content. I recognize that not all of y'all share my religious beliefs and it definitely won't be pushy haha. My friend Annaliese does such a wonderful job incorporating her faith into her blog while still being approachable and is such an inspiration to me.

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Over the past year, the concept of understanding God's plan for me has been a recurring theme. I'll be the first person to tell you that I am a planner by nature with a very Type A personality. I would be perfectly content sitting down and planning everything that will happen but we all know that isn't how it works.

I'm one of those people who always thinks of the next step: after high school, I'll go to college then I'll get my master's and then I'll be a teacher and so on and so forth. Being a planner isn't necessarily a bad thing but my plan isn't always God's plan. Not to say that what I have planned is wrong or evil but God has something greater than what you can imagine in store for you.

But that's not always easy to see. It's not easy to see that when something bad happens or when things don't happen the way you necessarily want them to. It's hard to see those bad things as being part of God's plan. It's not easy to trust in the fact that God has a plan for you.

Everything happens for a reason whether it's growing apart from an once close friend or making changes that initially seem hard.

Over the past year, I've seen how God's plan for me has played out as beginning college was truly a transformative time in my life. Throughout the entire college application process, I had so much stress about the future: Should I apply to that school? What if I don't get in? What if I make the wrong decision?

Even though I knew Clemson was the right school for me, it was a scary choice to get there, or at least it seemed at the time. Clemson is much bigger than the high school I went to and I worried that I wouldn't make any friends or would feel out of place. I'm planning on sharing a post on how to make friends in college as I definitely feel that not making friends is a common fear but I know God's plan was for me to go to Clemson as he has put such wonderful people, opportunities, and experiences into my life.

Trusting in God's plan isn't easy and, honestly, I still worry about things more than I need to. It's definitely something important to keep in mind as what he has planned is better than what we can even imagine!

I hope you enjoyed this more faith-based post and let me know if you want to see more in the future!


  1. Loved this post on your faith! It can be difficult in college to remember that we are doing now should be for His kingdom, even I fail to remember that with the stresses that come from school. Thanks for sharing!


    1. So glad you liked it, Bailey! I hope to share more in the future!


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