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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Nothing makes my Type-A soul happier than organization. Cleaning and organizing gives me a weird amount of joy and one of my friends here at Clemson jokingly said that I will be the mom with a perfectly organized agenda and then a giant wall calendar that shows where everyone needs to be. While I'm a ways away from being on that level of organization, I still do love organization and wanted to share with y'all how I keep my day-to-day life organized!

When you think of organization, you typically think of completely overhauling your room or closet or any other space to make it be more organized. While that is great, it's not the most practical for day-to-day life so I wanted to share how I organize my day as well as some practical tips for organization that you can use on the more daily level.

My Agenda
I feel like I talk about my Day Designer agenda (which you can see how I organize here) in every organization post but it truly is my holy grail when it comes to keeping my life together. It holds my to-do list, schedule, and so many other random items that I have going on that I would honestly be lost without it! If you're looking to get a little more organized, I would definitely start with purchasing and utilizing an agenda!

Lots of to-do lists
Writing everything I need to do helps me stay organized so much as if it's written down, I won't forget to do it! I usually utilize the to-do list section of my Day Designer but I will also use cute to-do lists or just notebook paper to get the job down. I find that writing everything down is helpful, even if it seems a bit unnecessary (like shower or wash dishes haha)

Plan out my day in the morning
Each morning before class, I try to take a few minutes and update my agenda (with a cup of coffee in hand). This helps me see what work I have to do, what meetings and events I have going on, as well as anything else going on that day. This helps me feel better prepared for the day ahead so I can be more productive about how I spend my time!

Binder organization
Since I am a college student, I couldn't talk about how I organize my day without mentioning how I get organized for class! I am a big fan of binders so I have a binder for each class as well as a binder for Theta to keep service forms in. Binders work for me as I use loose leaf paper to take notes in class and then just hole punch any hand outs or tests/quizzes for the class. I find that it's easiest to keep everything in one spot rather than to have notes in a notebook and then random stuff in a folder, but that's just me!

Keeping a clean computer
I'm a big fan of keeping things organized as I go along rather than spending lots of time organizing and cleaning. As a college student, I spend a lot of time on my computer so I try to keep it pretty organized internally by having folders for each class so everything is easy to find! I also try to keep my downloads and trash can empty so constantly cleaning through those is helpful!

Always tidying up before bed
This may just be the clean freak in me but I always tidy up my side of the room before going to bed. Usually this means putting away any items on my desk and getting my binders ready for the next morning by putting the ones I need in my backpack. Doing it before bed ensures that you wake up to a clean and organized space and who doesn't love that?

How do you organize your day? Let me know in the comments!

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