How I Organize my Day Designer Agenda

Monday, January 29, 2018

Happy Monday y'all! I figured that we would start things off on an organized note here on the blog today as I'm *drumroll please* sharing how I organize my Day Designer agenda!

All throughout high school, I loved and swore by the Lilly Pulitzer agenda (I used the large freshman-junior years and then the jumbo senior year) but when I started college last fall, I wanted to try out the Day Designer for so long. It offers a page for each day with a big to-do list and then time slots from 5 AM to 9 PM. Since my daily routine was so structured in high school (went to school, nannied, went to barre, etc.), I felt like the Day Designer wouldn't be as practical as a huge chunk of my day would be titled as school. When I was getting my agenda for the fall, I decided to try out the Day Designer (this is the one I have) and *spoiler alert* I love it!

On the monthly view, I like to write down major events and due dates that I have going on. I love love love color coding so I use the color that I assigned to the "category" that it belongs to (I have a color for each class, social events, Theta, and Clemson to name a few!). For my agenda, I really like using Le Pens as they write really well and the colors are so cute!

This is the daily page in my agenda and I love how much space that it has to write everything you need down. I always write down my classes that I have each day and then if I have anything due or an exam, I write that to the side.

The to-do list is another much-used spot as I use it to keep track of everything and anything. I also use the "top 3" to write down big assignments or events of the day! The Day Designer also has a section for Due/Dinner/Dollars/Don't Forget, which I use on a day by day basis depending on what's going on!

The weekend section is a bit different as Saturday and Sunday are both on the same page but I don't mind as my weekends typically aren't as crazy or I write homework I need to do on Friday's to do list. I do love that there's a section for you to look at your week ahead as I find that helpful in terms of planning and get organized for the week!

How do you organize your agenda? Let me know in the comments!

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