Routines to Develop in College

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I feel like here on Chic in Carolina, it's no secret that I love organization. I was "the organized one" out of my high school friends and nothing makes me happier than a clean room, a well-planned out agenda, and a to-do. I would say that routines definitely fall into that so I wanted to share some routines I find helpful to establish in college!

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Make your Bed
Until I re-did my bedroom at home a few summers back, I would never make my bed (I know...) but now, I can't leave my room for the morning without making it. Even if you do nothing else, I feel that making your bed makes everything feel more put-together and who doesn't love feeling put-together at the start of the day?

One of the oddest adjustments in college for me is going from having a washer and dryer in my house to having mine be in the basement of my building. I pick a day once a week (last semester it was Monday afternoons) to get all of my laundry (clothes, whites, sheets, and towels) done and it helps so much with planning as I know I will have clean clothes ready to go!

Admittedly I need to work on this one but I find working out to be a good stress reliever after a busy day of classes. I'm trying to be better about working out a few times each week so that way I can get all the physical and mental benefits from it.

One thing I've realized about college is that literally everyday is different. One day, I have a ton of work to do while others, I have practically none. Sometimes I'll have plans whether it's a mixer or just hanging out with friends while sometimes I watch Netflix and get to bed early(ish). Even if the time isn't consistent, I've found that having the same bedtime routine to be really helpful and I'll be sharing that in an upcoming blog post!

Stocking up on the Essentials
At most colleges, freshman park their cars the furthest away, which sometimes makes things inconvenient if you want to quickly run an errand. I've found that timing out when I go to Publix to stock up on groceries to be helpful as I'll typically go on a Sunday after church or another time when I'm using my car!

Once a week, I like to catch up on cleaning and vacuuming my room rather than doing it all at once. I usually do this over the weekend (but vacuum throughout the week as small spaces get dirty quicker!) and I've found it helps me stay on top of things!

Calling Home
I usually call my mom once a day to quickly catch up on how our days went but I also like to call home on Sundays so I can catch up with my whole family as my dad may be traveling or my siblings are off with their friends or doing homework during the week. I've found that this makes the transition from high school to college easier and it's a great way to start off your week!

Planning for the Day (or Week) Ahead
Earlier this week, I shared how I organize my Day Designer agenda but once a week (usually Sunday), I try to sit down and plan out the week so I feel better prepared. Then before I go to bed each day, I'll update my agenda and to-do lists. Doing a little more work upfront helps me not feel so frazzled throughout the day!

What are some other routines that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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