College Move-In Day Essentials

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

That time of the year is almost here again- college move in day! I have already shared my college packing list and then what clothes to pack for college but wanted to focus on move in day itself as items you'll for that can be easy to overlook!

Move-In Day can be pretty overwhelming as it's emotional for you and your family since you'll be leaving home. Being prepared definitely helps things run a bit smoother and who doesn't love making their day go easier?

Basic Tool Kit
This is helpful to have on hand because you never know what you'll need it for! From lofting your bed to putting together that futon, it's better to have the tool kit just in case you (or someone on your hall) needs to use it!

If you're hanging anything up on your walls, bring a level to make sure everything is straight and even!

Labels for your Stuff
The way Clemson moves you in is you park as close as possible to your dorm, unload everything, and then drive your car to a farther away parking lot to help traffic flow. Clemson has upperclassmen volunteer to move freshmen in so people will probably help you bring all of your stuff up to your dorm. I definitely recommend putting labels on all of your stuff with your first and last name, building name, and then room number so you don't loose anything!

Bag full of Clothes for the First Few Days
This is helpful if you plan on taking more than one day to move in so you do not have to dig through your stuff to find your pajamas or whatever. I went through sorority recruitment (be sure to check out my post on recruitment tips and also what to pack in your recruitment bag!) last fall, which started the day after move in so I kept all of my clothes for recruitment in a weekender bag so it was all in one place and wouldn't get mixed up!

Trash Bags
To save space, I moved some of my stuff into my dorm in its original packaging (like my mattress topper for example). When I got everything into my room, however, you have to take everything out of its plastic so having a giant trash bag handy is so helpful!

Water Bottles + Lots of Snacks
Move-in day can be a pretty long day for everyone so be sure to stay hydrated and bring snacks so you don't get hangry! Most places will be roasting on move-in day and you'll probably be taking lots of flights of stairs as the elevators will be packed- definitely bring water!

Storage Totes
I moved a lot of my stuff into my dorm using storage totes, which was super helpful as my parents just brought them home with them after move-in then brought them back to Clemson for move-out! You won't have a lot of space in your dorm so if you aren't going to be using something regularly, leave it at home!

Lots of Command Strips
Most dorms have rules against making holes in your walls so command strips will be your saving grace! Bring more than you think you will need as they come in handy for hanging up pictures or for adding hooks in your closet for purses or scarves!

Vacuum + Cleaning Supplies
Hopefully, you will be packing a vacuum and cleaning supplies anyways for your dorm but they are helpful for move in day to clean your dorm room before adding any of your own items. This will make me sound like a super clean freak but taking a Clorox wipe to everything and vacuuming the floors got rid of any dirt and germs from over the summer!

And lastly, be sure to have a lot of patience during move-in day! It can be a pretty long day for everyone so it's important to have a lot of patience. It will probably take you a lot longer than you think to get everything into your dorm, your entire family may be stepping on each others's toes trying to unpack everything, and it can be easy to get a little frustrated. Remember that it's ok if everything doesn't go according to plan and your dorm will be unpacked and ready to go before you know it!

What are some other essentials for move-in day essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great list! You're list is well thought through - very well organised! I tend to feel insecure and afraid to leave things out, so even though they might obvious I'd make notes to take changes of clothes, an address book with phone numbers, email addys, snail mail addy's of people I might want to call, contact or ask about something.

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