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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Gameday was one of the things I was most excited about last fall when I was getting ready to head off to my freshman year at Clemson. I attended a small Catholic high school and while we did have a football team, we were not very good and didn't have a lot of school spirit so I was excited to have the college football experience at Clemson!

Our football season starts on Saturday as we are playing Furman here in Clemson and I am so excited for football to be back (especially now that I got my tickets!). One of my favorite things about football is pulling together cute orange and purple outfits for game so I wanted to share with y'all a guide for gameday style for this football. Obviously I used orange and purple going to Clemson but sub out whatever your teams colors are (except black and garnet for that other school here in SC, just wear orange haha!).

a throwback from last football season!

When I committed to Clemson, I realized I had zero pieces of orange clothing so obviously that had to change. I slowly added orange (and purple!) pieces to my wardrobe over the summer so I had enough clothes to last through football season!

For warmer games, I typically wore a sundress or a cute skirt with a top and then once it got colder, I would wear jeans with a sweater. Lots of girls at Clemson opt for jerseys for gameday (with shorts when it's warmer & jeans and a jacket for colder games).

Your accessories are a perfect way to add to your outfit (especially if it's harder to find your college's exact colors). I usually use gameday as an excuse to sport my fun jewelry and tend not to wear anything too expensive that I would worry about loosing it!

At Clemson, it is super popular to wear a sticker or button showing your sorority supporting your team too!

Your Gameday Bag
Most stadiums have bag requirements for safety reasons so I definitely recommend making sure your bag will be allowed in the stadium (check your school's football website!). I use a smaller Tory Burch crossbody in Clemson orange (similar size to this) but a lot of girls use clear bags like this one that are super cute!

When packing your bag, think light and simple! I usually only carry my phone, a credit card & student ID, sunglasses, and a lip balm as you truly don't need a lot!

Comfort is definitely key when it comes to football games! You'll be walking a lot whether it is across campus to get to the stadium or walking from tailgate to tailgate before the game. At Clemson, we don't sit during the game (except for timeouts) and lower deck (closest to the field) stands on top of the bleachers so comfy shoes are a must.

I usually opt for a pair of cowboy boots (I have these and love them!) but sandals are awesome option as well. I know at Clemson and schools across the south, OTBT's are really popular and are a great option for gameday as they are seriously the comfiest wedges I have ever owned (I wore them all day during recruitment this year).

What do you typically wear on Gameday? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm sad sometimes that my university didn't have a football team- I never had the Southern tailgating experience! I'm sure you're loving that at Clemson :)

    xoxo A

  2. Game day was always my favorite because I could dress up!


  3. So fun! I wish my college had a football team that was one of my fave parts of high school!

  4. SO fun!!! I have to say I have never been to a football game! its not very big in Canada

    1. Thanks Bella! It's definitely a big thing for universities here in the South!

  5. Team colors and comfortable shoes are a must!

  6. Ooo! Def team colors and shoes! American football is so amazing to me!

  7. Aah this looks super fun!

    Ash |

  8. You have the cutest gameday style! I used to be just a plain tee and jeans kind of girl! I really love your scalloped shorts!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. This game day look is so cute! Makes me miss those college days.


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