10 Things To Do in the First Hour You’re Awake

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I am no means a morning person but there is nothing better than starting your day on the right foot. I put together a list of 10 things to do during the first hour that you wake up to help kick start your day and start things on the right note.

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1. Get Out of Bed as Quickly as Possible

In an ideal world, I'll say don't hit snooze but I should probably work on that before advising y'all to do the same! For now, I'll just say get out of bed as quickly as possible. Staying in bed only makes you want to go back to sleep and won't make getting up and being productive any easier!

2. Make your bed

If you only have time for one item on this list (rather than eating of course!), do this! Making your bed makes your whole room look pulled together even if everything else is a mess. Plus, it makes getting back into bed a little bit harder to do ;)

3. Breakfast + coffee

Being hungry definitely does not start your day on a good note so I always make time to eat breakfast in the morning. I definitely can't survive mornings without coffee so that's included too!

4. Go through your emails

I try to keep my emails at 0 so I like to go through any emails I received overnight in the morning as well as respond to any that I need to. This starts the day on a bit more of an organized note!

5. Update your agenda

My agenda definitely serves as a lifeline during busy weeks as it holds everything: my schedule, to-do lists, and random little notes. Taking a few minutes to update it as well as to look through it makes sure I don't forget anything for the day ahead plus helps me keep track of everything I need to do!

6. Prep your bag

I first pack the essentials for the day (binders for specific classes) and then the extras (different clothes for the gym, name tag for USAB events, etc.). Making sure I have everything makes for a lot less stress!

7. Drink water

I try to drink a lot of water everyday and start by drinking a cup of water right when I get up! Then I bring my Yeti tumbler with me to class and fill it up throughout the day!

8. Take a few minutes just for you

I always wake up at a time where I have time to sit down with my cup of coffee before I have to leave the house. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes but it's so nice to have a little me time before the day begins (especially a few minutes devoted to not thinking about school). I think it's so important to have a good balance between school (or work) and life and this is a good way to do that!

9. Tidy up your bedroom

The mornings where I don't have time to tidy up my room and put things always feel a bit more chaotic than the days where I do. I am definitely a bit of a neat freak but having everything put away makes me feel a little less stressed. Who doesn't love having a nice clean room to come back to at the end of the day?

10. Prep your lunch

I bring my lunch to campus a few days a week so prepping that is obviously a must! Making lunch saves so much money rather than buying something and is typically healthier too!

What are some things you do as soon as you wake up? Let me know in the comments!

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