A Day in my Life: Fall 2019

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Happy Tuesday! My favorite type of posts to read on other blogs are ones that give you a peek into the blogger's day-to-day life, you know not the glossy Instagram version but real life. I love seeing day in my life and peeking into someone else's schedules (in a non creepy way!).

Now that we are close to the end of the semester, I am definitely feeling settled into my routine. This semester my classes are a bit more spread out so I have 2 classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday (but only 1 on Friday!) and 3 on Tuesday/Thursday.

My Tuesdays and Thursdays start on the early side as I have a 9:30 AM class. Now that I live off campus, I can't just leave my dorm 10 minutes before class starts and be on time so a bit more planning goes into it now! I have 3 out of my 5 classes on Tuesday Thursday, and my schedule is nice as it does give me a break for a lunch. I have my PE class then Digital Media (learning how to use different digital resources in the classroom) before I have an hour and a half long break. I typically eat with my friend Caroline as we have the same schedule so we decompress from class and I usually can't help but grab Starbucks. My roommate and a few other friends have this break so sometimes we'll go eat with them across campus!

I then have my 2 PM class and I'm done for the day. I have been going to a 6 PM barre class at our gym on campus but if I don't go to that, I'll typically go to the gym right after class as it's on my walk back to my car. Then, I typically work on homework or hang out with friends before going to bed!

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What does a typical day in your life look like? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your daily schedules! I feel like I should share mine more often- it's been awhile! :)

    xoxo A


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