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Monday, April 23, 2018

The end of semester is quickly approaching and while that means I'm one step closer to sunny days by the pool, it means that final exams are also right around the corner too! Finals are the most dreaded time of the year for students but just because it's dreaded, doesn't mean you can't totally organize your studying and prep well for your exams.

Last semester, I experienced my first college finals week and saw first hand what everyone talks about (one of my friends and I seriously walked through every floor of the library without finding an empty table!). I've gathered up some of my best finals tips to hopefully make finals week a little bit easier to manage!

Start Early
Waiting till the last minute to start your studying is the best way to maximize stress. Starting early helps you get a better grasp of the material and feel less stressed during the week!

Study with Friends
Elementary Education at Clemson is a fairly small major so I've been so lucky to have met so many friends in my major! Not only are they great friends, it makes studying a lot easier as we can study together. Studying with a friends allows you to run through the material and maybe see a point you might of not been able to before

Find your most productive study spot
Finals week is not the time to try new study spots across campus. All the popular study spots across campus usually full during finals so stick to what you know and what place allows you to be the most productive (as you know, it's helpful to be productive during finals haha!). I know I'm not the most productive in my dorm room so finding a spot in the library or the library allows me to get the most studying down

Type up your Notes
When I'm unsure of where to start in terms of studying, I always start with typing up my notes.  I always handwrite my notes in class so typing helps me continue to look at the material. Plus, the notes from class tend to be pretty indicative of the material that will be on the exam (in my experience) so it's definitely helpful to study that material!

Utilize a study guide (or make your own!)
Can we all agree that a professor providing a study guide is the biggest blessing while preparing for an exam? If you're lucky enough to have a study guide, use it as it summarizes the materials you need based off of what will be on the test. If you don't have a study guide, make your own! Even though it won't be exactly what will be on the exam, it will help you run through the material and continue to learn it.

Make a Quizlet (or flashcards)
Quizlet is my favorite study website and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. After I type up my notes and work through my study guide, I find it helpful to make a Quizlet (or flashcards) of the material. One perk of Quizlet is that it has different features, such as test or games to play with the material, that help you study and work through the material

Get enough sleep!
I know it is easy to not get enough sleep during finals week but I am a firm believer that there comes a time where you have studied all that you can and it is more beneficial to go to bed. Plus, you want to be well rested so you can rock those exams!

Any other final exam study tips? Let me know in the comments!

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