My Chic Week: April 6-12

Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! I'm so excited for this weekend as Madison and I are meeting up today to take blog pictures (woo!!) and then my family comes into town tomorrow. My 19th birthday is tomorrow and I'm so excited that my family is able to come into town to celebrate!

As always, I'll be sharing more about this weekend in the next week's post but for now, let's catch up on the past week!

Last Friday, I had my two classes in the morning and then grabbed lunch with a friend. I had to pick up a package at the mail room on campus and then we headed over to our sorority hall to get some homework done before the weekend started.

Friday night, my sorority held an event with one of the fraternities on campus and then the special needs students. It was so much fun dancing and then afterwards, I went to back to our hall to hang out with friends!

Saturday morning, I slept in and then cleaned and organized my room as honestly it was a disaster. One of my friends and I grabbed coffee at Starbucks and then headed over to a sorority recruitment workshop. After the workshop, another sorority sister and I grabbed dinner on campus and then I had a pretty low-key night, which was nice after a busy week.

I slept in again on Sunday morning before getting up and heading to the library. I've realized that I'm a lot more productive outside of my dorm room so I was able to get some Spanish homework done with a coffee in hand.

I then headed back to my dorm for a bit before going to my sorority's chapter meeting. I'm our Service Director so I had another meeting to go to for that afterwards.

Then two friends and I grabbed dinner and then headed to our student center to get some homework done.

My Monday started off on a good note as my first class of the day was cancelled, which my fellow college students know always makes for a good day! I only had two classes on Monday because of that and I unfortunately had quizzes in both of them but you do what you gotta do!

My sorority had our Bible Study Monday night and then afterwards I got to go help out with our recruitment video, which is super exciting! I then went to dinner with some of my sista friends before heading back to my dorm. We had our closing meeting for my floor Monday night, which is super crazy as move-out is just around the corner.

Tuesday morning, I had class and then we had a field trip in our lab period. Since we didn't have to be there till a bit later, my friends and I made a pit-stop for Chick-fil-a breakfast, which was so good! We then had our field trip and once I got back onto campus, I worked on a group project and then assignments for my Geography class. For dinner, one of my friends and I got Chick-fil-a (I have a problem, I know!) and then I had a pretty chill night.

My keys got stuck in my door on Tuesday (I kid you not) so that was a fun call to Maintenance haha!

I had my first class of the day on Wednesday and then afterwards some friends and I went to an event they were having in the middle of campus where if you wrote a letter to a donor, you received a free t-shirt and popsicle from King of Pops! That was a fun treat in the middle of the day and then we went to our Math class haha!

I had to go pick up a package at the mail room so I grabbed lunch, picked that up, and then headed back to my room before my next class. My big and I had dinner on Wednesdays at a pizza place in downtown Clemson, which was so much fun!

Thursday morning, I had class and then I did my laundry. I met one of my friends for lunch and then we walked over to the mail room. My aunt sent me flowers for my birthday so that definitely brightened my day.

Thursday night, I attended Clemson's Greek Awards Banquet, which was so cool as it was in the West End Zone (aka all the fancy box seats) of our football stadium. My chapter brought home 3 awards, which was so exciting!

Happy Friday!

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