My Chic Week: April 13-19

Friday, April 20, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! After a crazy busy week, I am so glad that it is the weekend! Next week is my last week of class, which is so crazy to think about as it will be summer before I know it!

My first class of the day on Friday was cancelled, which is always a great way to start off the day as I was able to get dressed and then head to Starbucks for breakfast before class. I then had my only class of the day and then headed back to my dorm for a bit.

Madison of The Classic Madison and I had lunch and took outfit pictures in Greenville Friday afternoon, which was too much fun! I picked her up at Furman and then we went to Tupelo Honey for lunch, which was amazing! We then both took outfit pictures (which y'all saw on Wednesday and will see more of next week!) and we actually ran into my Pi Chi from sorority recruitment in the fall so it was fun to see her! I then headed back to Clemson and then had dinner with one of my friends before going to get ice cream at an ice cream shop in downtown Clemson.

Saturday was my birthday and my family was so sweet and came into town to celebrate! We went to lunch with some of my friends here at Clemson and enjoyed some yummy barbecue and then cupcakes from my favorite spot at home that my family brought with them! We headed back to campus and then I opened presents with my family before they had to head back to Charlotte.

Saturday was also Clemson's Spring Football game, which was so much fun! It was so nice to be back in Death Valley and cheer on the Tigers, even though I got a not-so-lovely sunburn haha! Afterwards, my big and I ordered a pizza and hung out in her room as the game totally wiped us out!

outfit details: tassel earrings ⎢orange top (from last summer but styled in this post!) ⎢skortsandals (which y'all can see in most of these pictures haha!) ⎢similar sunglasses

I slept in on Sunday morning before heading to the library with one of my friends. This week was definitely a crazy one (thank goodness it's over!) so I was able to get somewhat of a head start. One of my besties from home also Facetimed me so it was fun catching up on life with her before we can do it in person in a few short weeks!

I then had my sorority's chapter meeting and then a quick meeting for living on our sorority hall before quickly changing, eating dinner, and heading back to the library. I had a group project to work on and a math test to study for so it was a busy night!

outfit details: dress (old but styled in this post) ⎢rain boots

On Monday, I had my first two classes with a test in my math class. I also had class registration on Monday afternoon, which is always so hectic. I thankfully have most of my classes straightened out but the whole process can be pretty overwhelming!

I then had my Spanish class and grabbed dinner at a restaurant downtown with a friend as there was a proceeds night for the Circle of Sisterhood. We then went to our student center to study before going to an extra credit event for Spanish.

Tuesday morning, I had class followed by a presentation in my lab right afterwards. I grabbed lunch with a friend before getting some stuff done in the afternoon. I then met up with some friends to work on homework together in the library and wound up staying there to get more work done!

My roomie for next year and I realized we were both in the lib so we had a quick catch up in the stairway (no joke!), which was such a great way to take a break. It's Circle of Sisterhood Week to raise funds for the trek to Malawi next spring break (which you can read about here) and we had a speaker Tuesday night so I grabbed dinner with a friend before going to that. After the speaker, I did some blog work, worked on a presentation, and studied for a quiz I had the next day!

I had my two classes on Wednesday and then went back to my dorm to eat and practice a presentation that I gave in my Spanish class later that afternoon. One of my friends and I went to our Geography professor's office hours to ask a few questions and then I stopped at Starbucks before my next class. I had a big presentation in Spanish so I'm relieved to have that done and I think it went fairly well.

I then headed to the library to study for a test that I had the next morning. I grabbed Chick-fil-a with one of my friends for dinner before we went to the lib to study some more!

Thursday morning, I had my 8 AM and we had an exam so I actually was able to leave earlier than the class usually gets out. I did my laundry and did a deep clean of my room, which felt so nice to get done!

I had a sorority meeting in the afternoon and then got some homework and blog work done. For Circle of Sisterhood week, there was a food truck event on Thursday night that my big and I went to, which was so much fun!

Happy Friday!

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