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Thursday, April 19, 2018

One thing that I've definitely learned this year is how important it is to keep good food in your dorm room. Even though I have a meal plan on campus, sometimes you just want something easy and simple plus our dining hall isn't open on Saturdays so I like having something on hand so that way I don't necessarily have to eat fast food for all of my meals.

Since I obviously don't have a full-sized fridge or a pantry in my dorm, I keep things pretty simple as I only keep the essentials "in stock". I try to keep only healthy food in my dorm as if there's ice cream, I will eat it but it's college so I try to practice moderation haha!

Lime LaCroix- I am low-key obsessed with LaCroix and always keep on hand in my dorm. I don't drink soda so I love that LaCroix is refreshing and different than water while still not having any calories or artificial sweeteners!

Annie's Snack Mix- This stuff is so good y'all! Like Chex Mix but if you took out all the pieces that practically nobody likes. Slightly dangerous to keep on hand as I will eat it all!

Donut Shop K Cups- A Keurig is a college student's life saver as it provides you with caffeine without a $5 trip to Starbucks. I bought the Donut Shop brand at Costco and I love having a cup in the morning before heading to class!

SmartWater- I have a Brita Filter in my fridge but sometimes it's easier to just grab a water bottle and head off to class! We always have SmartWater in my pantry at home so I keep a few bottles in my dorm room here in Clemson.

Granola Bars- Granola bars are perfect for either a snack in between classes or even for a quick breakfast on-the-go! I seriously bought like a 100 pack of the Nature Valley ones at Costco last summer and have been chugging through those haha!

Yogurt- I typically don't go to the dining hall for breakfast but will have a yogurt instead! I really like both Dreamfields Organic yogurt (not pictured) and then Brown Cow yogurt. The Brown Cow yogurt, I have only found at Whole Foods but you can find the Dreamfields at Publix!

Turkey Sausage- Since I don't eat breakfast in the dining hall, I keep some turkey sausage links in my fridge so I can have some protein with my breakfast. I just heat them up in the microwave and then it's ready to eat!

Hummus- I really love hummus and it goes with some many things from pita chips to pretzels to carrots!

Bread- This sounds really weird but I keep a loaf of bread in my dorm! A peanut butter sandwich is such an easy meal and is perfect if I'm studying in my dorm or don't want to go to the dining hall (especially on Saturday's when it is closed).

Carrots + Apples (not pictured)- There isn't a large fruits and veggies section in our dining hall so I always like to keep some carrots and apples on hand to either have as a snack or alongside a meal. Plus the carrots can go with the hummus!

What groceries do you always keep on hand in your dorm room? Let me know in the comments!

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