Easter Weekend Recap

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Happy Thursday y'all! It has definitely been a while since y'all have heard from me over here but I wanted to catch y'all up on where I have been. Last weekend, I flew down to my grandparents's house in Florida to celebrate Easter with my entire family. I am so thankful that I was able to miss two days of class to do that as spending time with my entire family is pretty rare and special! It definitely has made the rest of my week pretty hectic catching up on everything but the time in Florida was so worth it and I wanted to share a fun little recap with y'all!

Last Thursday after class, I headed to the Greenville airport to catch my first flight of the day. Greenville is a fairly small airport so it was pretty easy! I had a layover in Charlotte, which worked out perfectly as my dad was on my second flight. My mom and siblings started spring break earlier in the week and were already in Florida so it worked out well that my dad caught my second flight with me. We arrived in Florida around dinner-time and it was fun to see my entire family!

After sleeping in on Friday, my parents and I walked the dogs around my grandparents's neighborhood. We then ordered pizza at the beach and were able to squeeze in some sunshine before the rain started in the afternoon.

We grabbed ice cream on our way home from the beach and then hung out before dinner!

Saturday morning was pretty much the same as Friday morning, which was nice as it was good to take some time to relax. My mom and I took my grandmother to a hair appointment then ran to Target as well! We also grabbed ice cream again, when in Florida right?

We had dinner at home and I decided to put on some real clothes to celebrate J. Crew's national Stripes Day!

Sunday was of course Easter, which is always one of my favorite holidays each year. I got up early to get ready for Church and then we did our Easter baskets, which is always so fun! My entire family and I went to Mass and then came back for our Easter Egg Hunt.

I wound up accidentally leaving my DSLR in Clemson so I didn't take too many pictures so I unfortunately will not be sharing outfit pictures but the details are down below!

The club in my grandparents's neighborhood has the most amazing Easter brunch and this year was no exception. After 40 days of no sweets, the food was absolutely heavenly and I was in such a food coma afterwards.

After brunch, we hung out by the pool, watched a movie, and ordered Chinese once we got hungry again haha!

Monday, it was back to Clemson! I flew back to Charlotte and then my flight to Greenville was delayed, which is always fun but I was back to Clemson before I knew it.

leggingspurse (less expensive here) ⎢weekender

How did you spend your Easter Weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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