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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I think over the years here on Chic in Carolina, we have really established the fact that I love my agenda. I've talked about it before, I'm talking about it now, and I will probably talk about it again haha! My friends joke that it's like my bible (which y'all can see in this post) and I feel lost at times without as it truly keeps my life together as has all the details of my day.

In high school, I was a big fan of the Lilly Pulitzer agenda but have since to the Day Designer since starting college. I love both but feel like the Day Designer is better suited for college students as it has a line for each hour, which is great as my schedule changes all the time in college since no two days look the same! The Day Designer is a bit pricier but I feel like it is worth the splurge as I use it so often!

The Day Designer has a pretty spacious monthly view, which I always find convenient as I love looking at my month at a glance as seeing what weeks will be busier with assignments, tests, and other time commitments. I use the same color coding as my daily pages, which y'all can probably tell from the pages haha!

The biggest difference between the Day Designer and the Lilly agenda is that the Day Designer has one page per day while the Lilly agenda has two pages per week. I really like the one page per day as it features a hourly section for the day as well as a to-do list where I keep track of all of my assignments as well as other to-dos. This has helped me stay more organized as I can have my agenda and my to-do list in the same place rather than having a separate to do list. I typically write down all of my classes at the start of the semester in the hourly section then add in meetings and other things like that and it's helpful as I can see when I'm free to do stuff with friends or study with friends. I also add assignments from the syllabus into the to-do list a few days before they are actually due so I don't miss anything!

It also features a top 3 section, which is helpful for prioritizing, and then a notes section where I usually write down the blog post of the day as well as any additional notes for the day!

This year, they added a little bookmark to help keep your place, which I definitely think is useful as it saves you from flipping through your agenda all the time!

For the weekends, Saturday and Sunday share a page with a week ahead feature, which I find handy as it makes Sunday planning a bit easier as I know where to prioritize my time!

What agenda do you use? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I still use a Lilly agenda and I’m a senior in college. Something about all the colors makes me feel slightly better about all the school work!

    1. I loved my Lilly agenda- the prints are too fun!


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