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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy Wednesday y'all! Sorry for the lack of a blog post yesterday- things are starting to pick up in my classes for the semester and I didn't wind up having enough time to finish up this post to have it published for y'all!

Now that I'm back at Clemson and getting back in the swing of things schedule-wise, I wanted to share what I normally keep in my backpack for a day of classes. I was a tote bag girl all throughout high school but decided that for college, I wanted to switch things up and get a traditional backpack as you're on the go so much more in college and it's easier to carry around campus! I wound up getting a Northface backpack and it has held up well (a problem I had with old backpacks) and holds a lot in it!

Binders for Class- One thing that I have learned about myself is that binders work really well for me! I currently do a binder per class but in high school, I did a binder for my morning classes and then a binder for my afternoon classes. I find that binders are the easiest as I simply toss in my morning ones for my early classes and then swap them out later in the afternoon when I'm pack in my dorm!

Laptop- I feel like this one is kinda obvious but definitely a college essential! I use my computer all the time and I just got a case for it on Amazon that I could put stickers on!

Day Designer Agenda- My agenda holds my life together most days so I definitely like to have it with me so I can quickly add dates to my calendar or an item to my to-do list! I will be sharing an agenda organization post soon (I promise!) so be on the lookout for that!

Umbrella- One of my friends here at Clemson keeps her umbrella in her backpack all the time and after being jealous a few too many times when a sudden rain storm hit (or I forget to check the weather haha!) I decided to keep my umbrella with me and I can't tell y'all how helpful it is!

Pencil Pouch- I keep all my pens and pencils in an old Vera Bradley makeup bag just for convenience as it isn't very practical to have a gazillion pens, markers, highlighters, or whatever lying around your bag. My favorites are the Pilot G-2 for note-taking in class and then Le Pens for color coding my agenda!

Granola Bar- I always keep a granola bar on hand in my bag (I usually do this with my purses too!) in case of emergencies, whether it's I'm unusually hungry in between classes or something came up and I need to eat something quickly!

Headphones- I like using my Beats when I'm watching Netflix in my dorm but I feel the headphones are the best for carrying around for day-to-day use whether it's listening to music while studying in the library or watching a video in-between classes.

Water Bottle- I always try to drink a lot of water and carrying a water bottle around with me is so helpful, especially since Clemson has so many water bottle filters around campus! Mine is a Lilly Pulitzer S'well, which sadly isn't available but I also love this Swell and this Swell.

Sunglasses (similar)- Another instance of being prepared for all weather but I like to keep my sunglasses with me just in case it's sunny and also so I have a consistent spot for them to be!

Lip balm- My lips get so dry during the winter so having lip balm is so handy to have with me during the day so I don't forget to reapply!

Wallet (in black)- I like to be pretty prepared throughout the day so having my wallet on hand is pretty handy!

Calculator- Another essential item that I like to keep on hand just in case!

What do you keep in your backpack? Let me know in the comments!

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