My Chic Week: January 12-18

Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy Friday y'all! This week seemed to go by faster than usual as we had Monday off for Martin Luther King Day and two snow days thrown in there as well. Even though the week went by pretty quickly, I'm excited for the weekend ahead even though I don't have anything crazy planned!

Friday was a fairly busy day as I had two classes in the morning and then went to lunch with some friends. I had something to return to the bookstore (gotta love dealing with textbooks!) and then walked across campus to drop something off at my big's and then to pick up my mail. I decided I needed a latte before trekking across campus in the rain (haha) and wound up running into one of my friends who needed to walk to my side of campus, which was convenient as we walked back together!

That night, I went to dinner with a friend and then grabbed ice cream with her!

Saturday was a pretty laid back day as I slept in and then relaxed, which was nice after getting into the swing of things earlier that week with classes and all. My big and I went out to dinner and hung out that night, which was a lot of fun as we caught up about what happened over break!

Sunday morning, I slept in again and then wound up getting some work done in the library in the afternoon to get ahead for the week!

On Monday, two of my friends and I took a day trip to Greenville to properly use our day off of school and it was so much fun to walk around and explore.

First, we went to brunch at Tandem in Traveler's Rest. Riley and I had brunch here when she visited back in November (which you can read about here) and it was so good that I knew we had to come back for brunch. I had the cinnamon roll crepe and the vanilla latte, which were both amazing!

We then headed into Greenville to do some shopping and walking around! Anthropologie was first on our list and I loved this dress! It was a tad bit long on me but I still thought it was super cute.

In the middle of Greenville is a park with a bridge over the river (not like you can tell with this picture haha!) so we stopped by to take some pictures and happened to run into another one of our sorority sisters who was taking pictures with one of her hall mates. We wound up taking a few pictures together and catching up a little bit.

We then walked over to the Chocolate Moose for a mid-afternoon treat, which was delicious as always, before heading back to Clemson!

Tuesday morning, I was up bright and early for my 8 AM class and then managed to be fairly productive the rest of the day, which is always a plus! I did my laundry and tidied up my room.

I had an informative meeting for my major to go to that night so one of my Elementary Ed friends and I went and then had dinner afterwards! I then caught up on the Bachelor and some blogging!

Clemson actually received a bit of snow on Wednesday so classes were canceled! I slept in before hanging out with one of my friends in the afternoon- nothing too crazy!

Clemson reopened campus at 11 on Thursday so since I only had an 8 AM that day, I had another day of no class (possibly the only perk of having your only class be an 8 AM haha!). One of my friends and I decided to go out to brunch to celebrate no class and it was so fun to get off campus for a bit and have some really yummy food!

sweater (in black, on sale!) ⎢similar jeans ⎢similar hunter boots ⎢fitbit

The rest of my day wasn't anything to crazy to share with y'all: picked up a package from the mail room, threw in a load of laundry, cleaned, and then worked on my speech outline for my public speaking class. I also had a training to go to that night and then hung out and worked on the blog for the rest of the night!

My mom was so sweet and mailed me the Christmas gift Riley sent me and my Lilly After Party Sale order as they both wound up arriving the same day I headed back to Clemson for the semester. She also sent me a few other Valentine's Day goodies that are too cute plus some homemade treats!

On my Radar:

1. If you're starting off your semester, be sure to check out these tips from Shannon on how to start off your semester right!

2. After reading Lucy's post on how to establish an Instagram theme, I downloaded the app "unum", which has been so helpful in planning my Instagram feed (something I have never been good at!) so definitely follow me over on Insta!

3. As I mentioned earlier, I received my Lilly sale goodies and I am obsessed (and ready for spring now haha!)

4. Riley shared the story of our friendship this week on her blog and I'm honestly so flattered! Love ya Ri!

Happy Friday!

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